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Pushing Daisies

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10 Items Or Less EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • The New Boss
    Leslie Pool returns to his native Ohio to run the Greens & Grains grocery store he has just inherited from his father. He arrives to find a rather dysfunctional staff that includes Carl, the sweet, doofus stockboy who has fathered a baby with Yolanda, the straight-talking dominant force in the produce department; Ingrid, the quirky, soft-spoken customer service representative who has a thing for Todd, the sexy butcher who hopes to one day to be a stock car driver; and the check-out team of Buck, the bagger who is looking towards the future by attending night school, and Richard, the dignified cashier who dreams of becoming a professional ice dancer. Leslie also faces off against his arch nemesis, Amy, who manages the Super Value Mart down the street. Amy is determined to bring the Greens & Grains to its knees so that Value Mart can buy the property and turn it into a parking lot.

  • Miracle Worker
    Greens & Grains sales are down, and manager Leslie Pool needs to find a way to attract new customers. When a water stain on the wall near the entrance to the store appears to be the likeness of Jesus, Leslie sees nothing but dollar signs. But his overeager marketing tactics attract the ire of rival store manager Amy, while Ingrid goes a little too far with her own promotional idea. Carl makes overtures to be a proper father to his son with Yolanda. And the meat freezer is on the fritz, threatening the stores entire meat supply.

  • Health Insurance
    The Greens & Grains can no longer afford to cover health insurance for its employees, which means Todd will have to go in order to free up additional funds. So Leslie takes Todd over to the Super Value Mart and convinces Amy to hire him for her own meat department. But Amy has plans to turn him into the hottest butcher in town, as well as her own personal stud muffin.

  • What Women Want
    Leslie is desperate to join the Bisons, a local social fraternity, but he won't be let in if he doesn't bring a date to a Bisons dinner. After a disastrous attempt to ask one of his customers to attend the function with him, Leslie convinces Ingrid to be his date, setting up an evening that's going to be full of surprises.

  • Bag It
    Bagger Buck and cashier Richard pride themselves on being the top cashier-bagging team in the region. But the SuperValueMart across the street is boasting a top team of its own. When Greens & Grains manager Leslie and SuperValueMart manager Amy challenge each other's store to a bagging competition, Buck opts out of the competition, leaving it up to Ingrid to take his place and uphold Greens & Grains honor.
    • 10 Items Or Less: Seasons 1 & 2
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