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Pushing Daisies

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10 Items Or Less EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • Dollar Day Afternoon
    Leslie finds 5,000 silver dollars in his father's office safe and decides to create a giveaway in which customers get to stand in a large glass box grabbing at dollar bills being blown around by a fan. The scheme, however, attracts the attention of a pair of robbers who take the entire Greens & Grains crew hostage. Heroics, betrayals, surprising revelations and a bullet in the derriere soon follow.

  • Forever Young
    After Buck comes in late after a night out on the town, Leslie becomes convinced Buck has a drinking problem and recruits the rest of the staff for an intervention. But while Buck did have a few drinks the night before, his real problem isn't alcohol. It's the person with whom he was drinking and the importance of keeping that person's identity from Leslie. When the secret finally comes out, Leslie reacts by suddenly considering himself "too old and alone." And it's up to Buck to mend the wounds to raise the boss' spirits with a night on the town and a very surprising encounter.

  • To Heir Is Human
    After conducting a memorial service for his father in the Greens & Grains bread aisle where he passed away, Leslie realizes that he has not selected an heir to pass on the legacy of the store when he is gone. So Leslie chooses Carl, the goofy maintenance man, as his heir. But the situation quickly devolves as Leslie becomes far too involved in Carl's life, setting up a disastrous turn of events that involves the entire Greens & Grains crew.

  • First Time
    Ingrid feels her biological clock ticking away and decides the time has come to lose her virginity. But choosing the right man from her coworkers at the store proves challenging. When she finally picks one, their awkward and unfulfilling night makes Ingrid fear she may have turned her de-flowerer gay. And he agrees.

  • The Bromance
    Leslie and studly butcher Todd bond over the idea of a new Greens & Grains venture, in which customers can choose the cow they want butchered. But getting approval from the FDA proves "udderly" difficult. Meanwhile, Buck squires Richard to an ice-skating audition.

  • Amy Strikes Back
    When Amy loses her job at the SuperValueMart, Leslie decides to hire her as Greens & Grains' new assistant manager, to the horror of the rest of the staff. Amy's influence is immediately felt as she forces Leslie to be stricter in his managerial style and tries to transform the Greens & Grains into an impersonal big box grocery store. It will take a maximum effort by the crew to snap Leslie out of Amy's spell and rescue him from the dark side.

  • Illegal Alien
    The staffers dress up as historical American figures for a promotional store calendar, with Ingrid gracing the cover as Betsy Ross. But Ingrid's lack of knowledge about the notable flagmaker exposes her illegal-alien status, raising the ire of the overly strict Amy.

  • The Ren Fair
    The staff dons 15th-century clothes for the store's Renaissance Days event, which inspires a jousting challenge. Then, the Greens gang prepares for the annual employee picnic.
    • 10 Items Or Less: Seasons 1 & 2
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