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Pushing Daisies

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10 Items Or Less EpisodesSeason 3    

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  • Turkey Bowling
    In an effort to win his money back from a bet he lost to SVM, Todd recruits Leslie to beat them at turkey bowling ultimately creating a new sport.

  • Eye Can See Clearly...
    When she accidentally causes Leslie to temporarily lose his sight, a guilt-ridden Yolanda opens her home to him to help him recuperate.

  • Star Trok
    Leslie boldly goes where no store owner has gone before: He holds a "Star Trek" convention at the store - despite a possible trademark violation. The gang gets starstruck when actress Jolene Blalock of "Star Trek: Enterprise" arrives for a celebrity appearance, but it's a real-life adventure when Blalock, Leslie and Ingrid get trapped in close quarters.

  • One Day At A Time
    Richard's mother has a drinking problem and Leslie is determined to help her. Leslie is also determined to help Richard find a date.

  • Whistle While You Work
    Leslie and his store staffers are crushed when SuperValueMart defeats them in competing car washes for charity. But Leslie refuses to be washed up and hung out to dry - he taps into his talent for whistling, with surprising success.

  • The Milk Man
    When Leslie fires the milkman for delivering expired products, Todd informs him of the curse and to be careful of the wrath of the Dairy Consortium.

  • Dancing With Groceries
    When Leslie discovers he is part American Indian, he begins to run the G & G with respect for the land the way his ancestors once did. Meanwhile Mercy has a plan to get rid of G & G for good.

  • Sesquicentennial
    Leslie commemorates his store's 150th anniversary by running the business in an old-fashioned way, but his salute to bygone eras goes terribly wrong. Elsewhere, Ingrid begins dating a new beau, but there may be more to her suitor than meets the eye.
    • 10 Items Or Less: Seasons 1 & 2
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