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DescriptionShow Description    

18 To Life18 To Life  premiered on CBC on August 3, 2010. 18 To Life is a comedy about two middle-class neighbors with opposing points of view who are forced to come together when their teenage kids run off and get married. The series explores intimate relationships in combustible combinations as husband-wife, mom-dad, and in-laws all struggle to influence the newlyweds and control the extended family's destiny. Tom and Jessie move into his parents' attic and their marriage becomes public property, creating an endless string of challenges for the couple. As this new love blooms audaciously amidst the two settled marriages, it stirs up new frictions and old passions in both sets of parents. True love is complex but one thing is clear: newlyweds plus oldyweds equals comedy.

StatusShow Status    

Canceled/ended after 1 season; ended on 4/22/2010

Jessie Hill
Stacey Farber
Tom Bellow
Michael Seater
Ben Bellow
Peter Keleghan
Judith Bellow
Ellen David
Phil Hill
Al Goulem
Tara Hill
Angela Asher
Monica Bellow
Tiio Horn
Wendy Bellow
Arielle Shiri
Jesse Rath
Erin Agostino
The Refugee
Carl Alacchi
Season 1 (2010-2011)
(12 Episodes In Season 1)
  1. A Modest Proposal (Original Air Date 1/4/2010)
  2. No Strings Attached (Original Air Date 1/11/2010)
  3. It's My Party (Original Air Date 1/18/2010)
  4. Detour (Original Air Date 1/25/2010)
  5. Baby Got Bank (Original Air Date 2/1/2010)
  6. Goy Story (Original Air Date 2/8/2010)
  7. Hanging Pictures (Original Air Date 3/1/2010)
  8. Phil 'Er Up (Original Air Date 3/8/2010)
  9. Working Noon To Five (Original Air Date 3/15/2010)
  10. Guess Who's Coming To Dinner (Original Air Date 3/22/2010)
  11. In Sickness And In Health (Original Air Date 4/5/2010)
  12. Wing Man (Original Air Date 4/12/2010)
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