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19 Kids And Counting EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Special Duggar Delivery
    The Duggar family is no stranger to welcoming a new baby to the family. But when complications arise, Jim Bob and Michelle meet baby nineteen, Josie, earlier than expected. Watch as the family welcomes Josie with a Duggar-sized amount of hope and love.

  • Josie Duggar's First Christmas
    The Duggars have already received an early Christmas present - the nineteenth Duggar, Josie. We'll track her progress and watch as the Duggars recount Christmases past. See what it's like to celebrate with (and buy for) over 20 immediate family members!

  • Duggars Fly South
    It's time to check in with Josh, Anna, and the first GrandDuggar, Mackynzie. The couple packs up baby for her first trip to visit Anna's family in Florida. They also make a special stop to reminisce about how they started their family.

  • Duggars Movin' Out
    The Duggar family is on the move to Little Rock, AR to be closer to Josie, who remains in the neonatal intensive care unit. But with Jim Bob and Michelle busy with Josie, Grandma Duggar is left to set up the new home and watch over the little kids.

  • Duggars Dig In
    The Duggars are getting back into their routine after their move but it isn't complete without a trip to the grocery store to buy for the family of 21. Watch Josie reach an important milestone in her growth and Jim Bob and the oldest girls give blood.

  • Duggars Under Water
    The Duggars are under water taking a trip to see the USS Razorback submarine. Meanwhile back home, John David and Joseph are left to fix a major water leak at one of Jim Bob's rental properties and progress continues for the newest Duggar, Josie.

  • Josie Duggar's First Hug
    The Duggars adjust to life in Little Rock getting back to their school work. The kids explain how they deal with homeschooling while away from home. And, watch the emotional moment when Michelle is able to hold little Josie for the first time.

  • Driving Miss Duggars
    It's a road trip for the oldest Duggar girls! Jana, Jill, Jessa, and Jinger head back to their house in Springdale to button up some loose ends at home. During their trip they squeeze in a visit with Josh, Anna, and their niece, Mackynzie.

  • Duggars In The Driver's Seat
    It's all about cars for the Duggars! Joseph and Josiah travel back to Springdale with the TV crew to do some work on the house. While there, the Duggar boys help Josh and Anna at the car lot as Anna sells her first car.

  • Duggars And DJs
    The Duggars are always willing to help a good cause, and, there's no better cause than giving back to the hospital that is taking good care of little Josie. Watch as the Duggars participate in a fund-raising radiothon at Arkansas Children's Hospital.

  • Josie Duggar Sisterhood
    The Duggars spend the day out and about in Arkansas' capital city, including a trip to the Discovery Museum. And, when Michelle and Jim Bob get sick, Jana and Jill visit their littlest sister, Josie, and hold her for the very first time.

  • Josie Duggar Meets The Bates
    The Bates are back! Gil and Kelly, and their 17 children, travel to Little Rock to see the Duggars and meet little Josie. And, while in the capital city, the families visit a new church for a whole new experience.

  • Josie Duggar's First Shoes
    With Josie still in the hospital, the Duggars keep finding ways to welcome her to the family. Watch as Anna and Cousin Amy take a knitting class and make Josie her first pair of shoes - baby booties!

  • Duggar Mountain Way
    The Duggars plan a day trip to Pinnacle Mountain complete with hiking, camouflage demonstration, and a picnic. But will the family ruin their appetites when the Pinnacle Mountain Tour Guides ask them to become members of the "I Ate a Bug Club?"

  • Duggar Heavy Metal
    The Duggars love heavy metal... no, not the music! Watch as the family visits Stone County Ironworks to learn about the art of blacksmithing, listen to authentic bluegrass music, and make their own ironworking project.

  • Duggars At The Hospital
    The Duggars clean up well! Jim Bob and a few of the Duggar kids head back to their home in Springdale, AR for some spring cleaning in preparation for Josie?s homecoming. But when she has a setback, the family must reunite in Little Rock once again.

  • Duggars Go Wild
    With a family as big as a pride of lions, it?s no wonder the Duggars feel right at home in a zoo! Jim Bob and the kids monkey around when they visit the Little Rock Zoo. And on a visit to see Josie, Jim Bob and Michelle meet another preemie being treated.

  • Duggar Home Alone
    It's a rare opportunity to have any alone time when you have 19 kids! Michelle gets just that when Jim Bob takes the kids to the ATI Home School Conference in Big Sandy, Texas. Michelle stays behind to spend time with Josie, who is still at the hospital.
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