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Pushing Daisies

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19 Kids And Counting EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • Duggar Dilemmas
    While doctors struggle to determine what's wrong with Josie's digestive system, Michelle and Jim Bob decide it's time for the other children to return to their home in Northwest Arkansas.

  • Digesting Duggars
    Doctors make a breakthrough with Josie when they determine the cause of her digestive problems. With the discovery comes relief when Michelle is finally able to bring Josie back home. Meanwhile, Jana and John David take off on their trip to Asia.

  • Duggars Go Hollywood
    The Duggars visit the set of the new film, Courageous. Meanwhile, Michelle continues to learn how to take care of Josie on her own back in Little Rock.

  • Duggar Want A Cracker
    It's no secret that the Duggar and Bates families find sanctuary in each other's company! But they take it a step further when the two families visit a parrot sanctuary in Pigeon Forge.

  • Duggars Chicken Out
    With Josie improving every day, Jim Bob and Michelle decide it's time to reunite her with the rest of the family in Northwest Arkansas. However, their plans are delayed when 12 of the kids come down with a serious case of the chicken pox.

  • Josie Duggar Home At Last
    After months of following her journey, watch as Josie finally reunites with her 18 siblings in Northwest Arkansas. But before she returns, Jim Bob, Michelle and the kids must pack up and say goodbye to their home away from home, Little Rock.

  • Testy Duggars
    The Duggars are one big, happy family now that Josie is home. Watch as the family gets used to life with a preemie, which includes meeting a new doctor who tests Josie's development and growth.

  • Duggars Do Dinner
    The Duggars are having a dinner party! Watch as the Duggars invite two other large families over for a fun, and crowded, evening. And get an update on the three youngest Duggars - Jordyn, Josie, and first GrandDuggar, Mackynzie.

  • Duggars Say Cheese
    The Duggars know how to get the shot! And with Josie finally at home alongside her 18 siblings, it's time to take new family photos. But after Josie takes her shots with the family it's off for a check-up where she gets another type of shot.

  • A Tale Of Two Duggars
    It's just another day for a family of 21! Watch as Jim Bob, Michelle, and the kids settle into their daily routine now that everyone is back in Springdale. And check in with Josh, Anna, and Mackynzie as they show us what a day is like.

  • Duggars In Stitches
    Watch as the Duggars embark on a media tour with appearances on The Today Show and a photo shoot with People Magazine. But when a young Duggar has to take an emergency trip to the doctor will the family be camera ready in time?

  • Deep Dish Duggars
    The Duggars are in Chi-town! Jessa, Jinger, and their closest friends Michaela and Erin Bates, travel to Chicago for a music seminar and to tour the city. Meanwhile, Jim Bob organizes the kids to wash the family's brigade of cars.

  • Duggar Diagnosis
    It's a bittersweet time for the Duggars as Michelle finds out that her gallbladder, an initial cause of Josie?s premature birth, may need more medical attention than originally thought.

  • Duggar Day Out
    The Duggar girls are out and about! Watch as Anna takes a few of her sisters-in-law for a girls day out - complete with ice cream and shopping. And check in with Josh who is hard at work at the car lot.

  • Duggars On Fire
    Duggars are known for is their sense of style! Anna decides to turn up the heat with fashion and makes "fire skirts" for the girls to wear when they volunteer at the local fire department. But will the new look be a fashion do or don't?

  • Duggars Take A Dip
    It's in the pool! Find out if the Duggar kids sink or swim when they take a swimming lesson and have some fun in the water. And watch as Michelle visits a Mother's Morning Out Program to share her child-raising tips!

  • GrandDuggar First Birthday
    The Duggars celebrate.

  • Duggar Daddy On Duty
    While Michelle and Josie pay a visit to the pediatrician, Jim Bob takes Josiah out on the open road to practice driving before his DMV test. Later, Jim Bob is on daddy-duty all by himself looking after both Jordyn and Josie.

  • Duggars Make A Movie
    After years of being the family in front of the cameras, it's the Duggars' turn to make their own episode. Watch as the crew hands over their equipment to the kids and they produce, film and star-in a truly Duggarized special!

  • Duggars And Sluggers
    Jim Bob and the kids take in the sights of Louisville, which includes a stop at the famous Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory. Back home, Michelle takes care of Josie and prepares to leave her with a babysitter so she can reunite with the family.

  • Duggars Speak Out
    Still in Kentucky, the Duggars have a speaking engagement in front of the largest audience they?ve ever had. Will they be a hit or will the kids get tongue tied?
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