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Pushing Daisies

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19 Kids And Counting EpisodesSeason 3    

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  • Duggars Shoot For The Sky
    Jessa's turning 18 and her 18 brothers and sisters, along with Michelle and Jim Bob, have a very special celebration planned, complete with a shooting range and skydiving. But when Michelle takes a pregnancy test, will she be able to join in on the fun?

  • Duggars Rock The Vote
    John David decides to follow in his father's footsteps and run for political office with the support of the Duggar clan. Later, Joseph follows in his older siblings' footsteps getting braces. Finally, Josh and Anna give us an update on Anna's pregnancy.

  • Donating Duggars
    The Duggars help the community when they donate their time and a building to the volunteer fire department. Later, they are off to Oklahoma to make supply parachutes for persecuted Columbians.

  • Duggars Rock & Record
    The Duggars have a busy day when family friends visit for lunch, Michelle records an audio book and the family returns to Little Rock to help serve dinner at a fish fry.

  • Duggars Act Out
    The family takes a day trip to visit the set of a Passion Play, but when the Duggars become extras in the performance, will they steal the show. Back at home, Jill gives Josie her first piano lesson.

  • Duggars All Aboard
    When Joy Anna turns 13 the family celebrates Duggar-style with a train ride adventure and an ice cream party. But when the train has some unexpected guests will her birthday celebration come to a sudden stop?

  • Duggars Explore Central America
    Jim Bob and 11 of the kids are headed to Central Americal to help serve those in need. But while the others are away, will Michelle be able to handle the seven youngest Duggars with limited help?

  • Duggars Make A Difference
    Jim Bob and the kids make the most of their trip when they spend time with locals, speak with Honduran diplomats, visit Mayan ruins and even make time to sample authentic Honduran cuisine.

  • Josie's First Birthday
    It's been a year of triumphs and tribulations for the 19th Duggar following her premature birth at only 25 weeks gestation. The Duggars return home from Central America to celebrate this happy milestone in Duggar fashion.

  • Duggars Deliver
    Taking care of a family of 19 can be demanding! Michelle takes care of the younger children and tries to catch up on housework. Anna discovers raising a one-year-old while pregnant with your second child has its own set of demands!

  • Duggars In The Zone
    After finding out they are expecting their second child, Josh and Anna also discover they must relocate their second car lot by a looming deadline. But will zoning laws threaten and halt the move to a new property?

  • Duggars & Bates: 37 & Counting
    The Bates family visit the Duggars, and a trip is planned to the George Washington Carver National Monument in Missouri. But a bad cold spreads throughout both families, threatening to derail plans.

  • Duggars Hit The Slopes
    The Duggars head to Colorado to take in the gorgeous views and hit the slopes for their first ski trip! But with this being the first time any of the Duggars have skied, will they advance to the black diamond trails or be stuck on the bunny slopes?

  • Kids To The Rescue
    The Duggar kids stay back at home with lots of fun activities planned while Jim Bob and Michelle take a trip to El Salvador. But when Josie has a sudden health scare that sends her to the emergency room, her siblings must come to the rescue.

  • Duggars Focus On Family
    The Duggars share their secrets on how to run a large family while at a conference in Colorado. Later the family sneaks in some sightseeing, including a visit to the famed Garden of the Gods. And watch as the Duggars conquer their fear of heights!

  • First Grandson
    It may not be their 19th child, but Josh and Anna's family is growing! Watch as they prepare for their first baby boy by putting a new crib together, taking a birthing class, teaching Mackynzie how to be a good big sister and more.

  • Duggars Get Dirty
    Watch as this family of 21 comes together to clean up some of Jim Bob's rental properties. But the Duggars are not all work and no play, as they show when the family celebrates Joseph's 16th birthday.

  • Duggars Snowed In
    When the worst snowstorm in Arkansas history hits the Duggars' hometown, the family is engulfed in a real winter wonderland. Watch as they weather the winter-weather with sledding, making snow cream and lending a hand to their neighbors in need.

  • Duggar Boys Day Out
    Watch as the youngest Duggar boy gets to hang out with his older brothers as they demolish and renovate Josh's new car lot. But will Jackson's urge to play demolish his chances of hanging with the big boys again?

  • Duggars, Doctors, Discipline
    Michelle takes Josie to Little Rock for a checkup, but with Josie's recent hospitalization will they get the clean bill of health they are hoping for? Meanwhile, Jessa demonstrates the discipline needed to get the younger Duggars down for a nap.

  • Duggar Dental Drama
    Jessa, Jinger, Joseph and Josh all go under the knife for wisdom teeth extractions - on the same day. But when Josh and Joseph miss a crucial step in preparing for the surgery, they become the ones who need a little wisdom.

  • Duggar Respond & Rescue
    The Duggar clan celebrate Grandma's 70th birthday. Meanwhile, when a tornado devastates Joplin, Missouri the Duggars rush to help with the search and rescue efforts.

  • Manhattan Duggars
    The big family heads to the Big Apple to kickoff their book tour. But when Jim Bob, Michelle and all 19 kids try to navigate the NYC subway system, will they all make it to their destination or will some be left behind at the station?

  • Duggars, Dates, And Dan
    "Good Morning America" anchor Dan Harris spends a day with the Duggars. Also: the older girls host a dating seminar; and little Josie gets sick.

  • Duggar Grandson On Board
    The first Duggar grandson is having a full day of firsts! Watch as baby Michael has his very first checkup complete with his very first shot, meets his cousin Amy for the very first time, and is a guest at has his very first Duggar birthday party.

  • Duggars Over The Edge
    Watch as the large family visits one of the largest waterfalls in North America - Niagara Falls. But with Duggars' proneness to motion sickness ever present, will they enjoy their maiden voyage or will they rock the boat with seasickness?

  • Duggar Campout
    The Duggars are roughing it - sort of! Jim Bob sets up a tent for an at-home campout, complete with S'mores and scary stories. But when the summer temperatures soar, will the family be able to stand the heat or will they have to get out of the tent?

  • Schoolhouse Duggars
    Watch as Michelle demonstrates her homeschooling skills as the family prepares for their annual ATI Conference in Big Sandy, Texas. Then the Duggar kids put what they've learned to practice visiting a Spanish tutor and ordering in Spanish at a restaurant.

  • Duggar In Danger
    The Duggars travel to Atlanta for a speaking engagement. They also find time to go tubing and wakeboarding, but the fun abruptly ends when one Duggar has a terrifying accident.

  • Duggars Under The Sea
    The family continues their stay in Atlanta with a trip to the Georgia Aquarium. Later, they meet pro surfer and shark-attack survivor Bethany Hamilton.

  • 38 Kids & Counting!
    It's a full house when the Duggars visit their friends, the Bates! Watch as the two large families combine their 38 kids and counting for some fellowship and fun. And the Bates' oldest son, Zach makes a very special announcement.

  • Daddy Duggar's Birthday
    The Duggars are in Atlanta for a little work and a lot of play. After attending a speaking engagement, it's time for some fun in the water, jet skiing, tubing and wake boarding. But happiness turns to worry when one Duggar has a terrifying accident.

  • Do Good Duggars
    The Duggars are discovering a new way to lend a hand! Watch as the Duggars take part in a Habitat for Humanity initiative to help rebuild homes devastated by tornadoes in Birmingham, Alabama.

  • Duggars: All You Wanted To Know
    The Duggars are used to answering questions and in this episode they are taking questions directly from you, the viewer! Watch as Jim Bob, Michelle and the kids answer everything you wanted to know about the family with 19 children.

  • World Tour: Duggars Abroad
    The Duggars are packing their bags and heading to Europe. First stop, Scottland! Watch as the Duggar clan walk the Royal Mile, visit Edinburgh Castle, and attend the Scottish Highland games. Then it's off to Ireland for more Irish fun like herding sheep.

  • World Tour: Royal Duggars
    The family continues their trip through the Europe by visiting the city of London. Watch Jim Bob learn to drive on the "wrong" side of the road and see the family enjoy high tea and sight-see on a double-decker bus. Later, the family visits Stonehenge.

  • World Tour: Duggars Last Stop
    The Duggars are continuing their trip of a lifetime with their third and final stop abroad - Israel. While there, the family swims in the Dead Sea, visits a multi-religion outdoor marketplace, rides camels and experiences authentic, local cuisine.
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