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Pushing Daisies

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19 Kids And Counting EpisodesSeason 5    

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  • Baby On The Way
    Anna has a surprise for the Duggars following their trip to Asia, and gets help from Amy to host the family dinner.

  • Duggar Weight Loss Challenge
    Jim Bob and Josh take part in a 90-day weight-loss challenge; Jason and the boys build a greenhouse in the backyard.

  • Things Are Changing
    A visit from Anna's sister prompts Josh and Anna to think about finding a larger home; Jim Bob and Josh are surprised by the results of their physicals.

  • Push-Ups And Planting
    Jim Bob and Josh's new trainer gives them a workout they could never have imagined; Jill and Jana test their midwifery skills when a client goes into labor.

  • Coffee & Caricatures
    Jinger's love of coffee could be a drawback when she and Jessa volunteer at a local coffee shop; Jackson and Johannah use their artistic skills to raise money for a gift for Josh and Anna's baby.

  • Duggars Take Flight
    Joseph celebrates his 18th birthday by leaving home to train with an emergency rescue team, and gets a lift from John-David, who is one step closer to receiving his pilot's license. Meanwhile, Steve checks on Josh and Jim Bob's weight loss.

  • Love & Marriage
    A trip to a marriage retreat for Jim Bob and Michelle sparks a candid discussion of their family and the strength of their relationship.

  • Dinner For Forty
    The Duggars host a large dinner party that includes Jim Bob and Josh's trainer, Steve, their pastor and their families. Meanwhile, Joseph continues his emergency rescue training; and Michael gets his own room.

  • A Surgery & A Secret
    Jim Bob and Josh's workout with Steve includes flipping tires and dragging cars; Michelle buys Jordyn frozen treats when she has to have her tonsils taken out; Anna has an ultrasound that will reveal her baby's gender, but only one person knows the results.

  • Decisions & Deliveries
    Josh gets a new job opportunity, but it's more than 1000 miles away, so he seeks his parents' guidance on what to do. Meanwhile, Jana and Jill's client goes into labor; and the family attend Joseph's graduation from basic training.

  • Duggars Get Physical
    Josh and Anna go to Florida to visit her family and meet their new nephew. Elsewhere, Jim Bob and Josh are still being pushed by their trainer as they await their final weigh-in.

  • Baby Gender Reveal & The Final Weigh In
    Josh and Anna get a surprise at church when their pastor reveals a secret while the Duggars are visiting. Meanwhile, a weight-loss champ is crowned.

  • GrandDuggar Makes 3!
    Josh and Anna's third child is just about ready to be born, but the distance from the midwife's house gives them pause. Meanwhile, Josh, Anna and the kids go to Washington, D.C., to look for a new home.

  • Big Changes
    Josh and Anna prepare to move to Washington, D.C., for his new job, but they're still looking for a place to live.

  • An Emotional Goodbye
    The Duggars bid Josh farewell as he and Anna prepare to move to Washington, D.C., for his new job.

  • Farm Fresh Duggars
    The Duggars work on a farm for a day to see how hard it would be to have one in their backyard when Jim Bob has an idea to raise cows, chickens and pigs.

  • A Big Idea
    Anna ventures out on her own in Washington, D.C., as she and Josh adjust to their new surroundings; the Duggars get ready to flex their altruistic muscles.

  • Flea Market Challenge
    Anna rides the Metro in Washington, D.C., for the first time. Meanwhile, the Duggars prepare for their fund-raiser for Arkansas Children's Hospital by organizing their family treasures to take to a flea market.

  • Anniversaries To Remember
    Jim Bob and Michelle celebrate their 29th anniversary, while Josh and Anna mark five years of marriage, and both men have surprises in store for their wives.

  • Engaging Announcement
    The Duggars visit the Bateses, where Jim Bob and Gil are in charge of the youngest kids while the older females go camping.

  • Duggar Challenges
    A flea-market challenge pits the Duggar boys vs. the girls; Anna invites new friends for dinner, but must find the time to go grocery shopping and cook while taking care of three children.

  • Flea Market Finale
    The Duggar Family Flea Market is set up as a fund-raiser for Arkansas Children's Hospital.

  • Josh & Anna: Our Story
    A profile of Josh and Anna Duggar looks at their courtship, marriage and growing family. Also: Josh and Anna give relationship advice to their younger siblings.
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