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Pushing Daisies

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19 Kids And Counting EpisodesSeason 7    

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  • Jill's Secret
    Jessa and Ben's wedding is on the horizon, but time is running short to get everything ready. Meanwhile, Jill surprises her family with a big announcement.

  • Jessa Says Yes To The Dress
    Jessa goes shopping for a wedding dress with an opinionated entourage of Duggars and Seewalds. Meanwhile, Jill and Derick get a special gift from Josh and Anna.

  • Bridesmaids And Babies
    Jinger wields her camera to take Ben and Jessa's engagement photos with the couple's wedding just six weeks away. Meanwhile, Jill and Derick prepare for parenthood at their first midwife visit.

  • Invites And Ride Alongs
    Jill makes a gift for Derick's mom; and Jim Bob rides along with John-David in his police car. Meanwhile, Jessa and Ben ask Josh to design their wedding invitations with the ceremony only a few weeks away.

  • Wedding Prep And Pies
    Ben designs a wedding ring for Jessa, while the girls visit a florist to select the flowers for the wedding party. Also: Jason and James create a special dish for the rehearsal dinner, but first it has to be approved by Jessa and Ben.

  • Michelle's High School Reunion
    Michelle attends her 30th high-school reunion, but details about her past come as a surprise to her family. Later, Johannah celebrates her ninth birthday with a horseback-riding party.

  • Race To The Altar
    Jessa and Ben register for gifts, but Ben is distracted by toys and candy. Later, Jessa and Ben join Joy and Jason for some exercise before the wedding; and Jill and Jana prepare a Nepalese meal for Derick.

  • Wedding Prep
    The family have a pizza party while Jill and Derick and Jessa and Ben go on a double date that involves painting. Later, Jessa and Ben work on finalizing their wedding plans.

  • All About Jessa
    A profile of Jessa features recollections from her family about her formative years; and the memorable moments from her engagement to Ben. Also: Jessa and Ben host a flag-football game.
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