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Pushing Daisies

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30 Rock EpisodesSeason 3    

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  • Do-Over
    Believing that Liz's work schedule may be too hectic for her to adopt a child, adoption agent Bev decides to make a visit to set. Liz begs her co-workers to try to act "normal" for a chance, but chaos ensues amid an escalating feud between Jenna and Tracy. Meanwhile, Jack is back at 30 Rock to reclaim his position from Devin Banks, but quickly learns the task won't be easy when he is given a sizeable demotion. Jack vows to do whatever it takes, even if it means sacrificing his self-respect, to make it back to the top.

  • Believe In The Stars
    Liz flies to Chicago to get out of jury duty and on her return flight ends up with an assigned seat next to Oprah. Liz jumps at the opportunity to share a few problems with the talk show host for advice. While Liz is away, Tracy and Jenna's feud continues leading to a wacky "social experiment" to prove whose argument is right. Meanwhile, Jack's morality is tested by Kenneth after an Olympics snafu.

  • The One With The Cast Of Night Court
    Free-spirited, Fatal Attraction-like stalker Claire Harper randomly shows up in New York to visit Liz and Jenna. Claire zeroes in on Jack upon first sight and claims him for her own. Kenneth, distressed and let down over the new page uniforms, turns to Tracy for some cheering up. To make Kenneth smile again, Tracy has a surprise involving the cast of Night Court.

  • Gavin Volure
    When Jack and Liz are invited to a dinner party at Gavin Volure's mansion, Jack is let in on a secret business opportunity and the eccentric host becomes enamored with Liz. Jack encourages their burgeoning relationship until it is revealed that there is more to Gavin than meets the eye. Meanwhile, Tracy fears his kids are being too nice toward him and may have sinister plans, and Kenneth entrusts Jack to invest his savings in Gavin's business venture.

  • Reunion
    Jack cajoles a reluctant Liz to attend her high-school reunion. Meanwhile, GE bigwig Don Geiss, roused from his prolonged coma, delivers a stunning CEO announcement. Shocked by the news, Jack vents by accompanying Liz to her reunion.

  • Christmas Special
    Only days before Christmas, Liz's parents ditch her to celebrate the holidays at a couples-only retreat, leaving her all alone for the holiday. To fill the void, she participates in a charity program, "Letters to Santa," to help underprivileged kids have a nice Christmas. Meanwhile, Jack takes his frustration out on the TGS staff when his plans for a dream holiday vacation away from his overbearing mother, Colleen, are crushed. The TGS crew are forced to give up their plans to produce a last minute Christmas special.

  • Senor Macho Solo
    Jenna is concerned that Liz's attraction to a new guy has to do with her longing to have a child. Jack is keeping busy as he helps Tracy and wife Angie arrange a "post-nup," and tries to get Jenna an audition for the title role in a Janis Joplin biopic. Plus, he finds time to hit it off with his mother's nurse, Elisa.

  • Flu Shot
    Liz tries desperately not to catch the flu, but it's spreading amongst the "TGS" cast and crew quickly; and Jack is being selective over who receives vaccinations from Dr. Spaceman. One is offered to Liz, but she refuses to take it, championing for the rights of the crew. Meanwhile, Elisa is working seven days a week, so Jack must be creative about finding ways to spend time with her.

  • Retreat To Move Forward
    Jack is nervous about the corporate retreat, so he recruits Liz to accompany him for support. Meanwhile, Jenna ends up at the mercy of Frank when she decides she needs to implore method acting to prepare for her Janis Joplin role, and Kenneth must convince Tracy that diabetes is affected by his diet.

  • Generalissimo
    Jack is nervous about the corporate retreat, so he recruits Liz to accompany him for support. Meanwhile, Jenna ends up at the mercy of Frank when she decides she needs to implore method acting to prepare for her Janis Joplin role, and Kenneth must convince Tracy that diabetes is affected by his diet.

  • St. Valentine's Day
    Not realizing it's going to be the ultimate lovers holiday, Liz insists her and Drew have their first official date on Valentine's Day; while Jack prepares himself for an unconventional Valentine's Day spent at church with girlfriend Elisa. Tracy tries to help Kenneth win the affections of a new staffer.

  • Larry King
    Jack considers taking the next step with Elisa, but will he be able to choose between his commitment to her and his demanding career? Meanwhile, Tracy's interview on "Larry King Live" sends New York City into a panic. Out in the chaotic city, Liz Lemon recruits Kenneth to venture out to Queens to retrieve her lost cell phone from a surly cabbie.

  • Goodbye, My Friend
    Liz befriends a pregnant teenaged donut shop employee, in an attempt to adopt her baby. Back on set, Jenna vies for more attention from the TGS staff as her birthday approaches, but Kenneth's plan to combine her party with one for Tracy derails her efforts. Meanwhile, Jack agrees to go on a guys' night out to keep his mind off of his absent girlfriend, and bonds with Frank over their daddy issues.

  • The Funcooker
    When Liz can't scheme her way out of jury duty, the ""TGS" cast and crew are left unmanaged. With no one in charge, Tracy and Jenna begin to act irresponsibly, while Jack becomes absorbed in launching a lucrative new product.

  • The Bubble
    As Liz spends more time with her boyfriend Drew, she finds that his handsomeness has allowed him to bypass many of the usual frustrations of daily life. While Liz deals with her new relationship, Jack must find a way to convince Tracy to stay on at TGS after his contract expires. Jenna considers a new hairstyle to attract public attention.

  • Apollo, Apollo
    While Jack plans the perfect 50th birthday party for himself he watches old home videos that inspire him to recreate one of the happiest moments he had as a young boy. Liz's ex-boyfriend Dennis "The Beeper King" decides to come clean to Liz about an addiction, stirring up drama between Liz and Jenna. Kenneth and Pete team up to make Tracy's childhood dream come true.

  • Cutbacks
    Excitement about the 50th "TGS" show is short-lived as the employees begin to worry about upcoming budget cuts. Jack is forced to hand out pink slips, while Kenneth has to step up and take on some extra responsibilities. Liz decides she has to do a little personal bartering to save her staff and crew. Jenna and Tracy become suspicious of Kenneth and are determined to prove he is hiding a dark secret.

  • Jackie Jormp-Jomp
    During a short-term suspension from work, Liz is lost without "TGS" and misses all the stress that comes with the job. In turn, she must find a way to occupy her free time. Meanwhile, when the film studio has second thoughts on releasing Jenna's Janis Joplin biopic, Jack needs Jenna to create some promotional buzz using her celebrity status.

  • The Ones
    Jack decides his commitment to Elisa is serious enough to go shopping for an engagement ring with Liz. Tracy, ironically, is the one Jack turns to for advice on how to deal with the pressures of married life. Meanwhile, Elisa divulges to Liz she is keeping a secret. When a prank results in an injury back at "TGS," Jenna loses her cool over an attractive EMT.

  • The Natural Order
    After Liz reprimands Tracy in front of the "TGS" staff, he decides to straighten up his act and start acting like a professional. Once Tracy agrees to no longer receive any preferential treatment, he feels that Liz should give up certain privileges as well. Jack's mother Colleen comes to visit, revealing unpleasant memories about Jack's father leaving the family. Jenna adopts a pet gibbon and learns the perils of motherhood.

  • Mama Mia
    With encouragement from Liz and Tracy, Jack begins a search for his real father. When Tracy introduces his newly discovered illegitimate son to his friends at "TGS", Liz and Pete question the son's intentions. Meanwhile, Jenna and Liz fight for the spotlight when Jenna gets recognition for one of Liz's ideas.

  • Kidney Now!
    As Jack begins to build a relationship with his biological father, Milton's health hangs in the balance. Despite Liz's relationship track record, she draws public attention as a relationship expert after a talk show appearance. Meanwhile, Tracy's high school invites him to speak at graduation and Kenneth must help him overcome embarrassing memories from his high school experience.
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