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9 By Design EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • This Old House
    Meet a large family - two parents, six kids and one on the way - who are residing in a downtown two bedroom while waiting for their latest renovation project to be finished. Space is cramped for the family at the moment, but the team comes together as they embark on yet a new chapter of their lives with a new baby on the way, a new home being renovated and new projects on the horizon.

  • The Wild, Wild West Village
    The Sixx Design gang works on a five-story Manhattan home, but Bob and Cortney must put pressure on their quirky construction crew to finish the building before the family moves in.

  • Major Work Out
    Bob and Cortney prepare for their baby's christening and a performance by singer Suzanne Vega while also trying to refurbish an erstwhile gymnasium in Hoboken, N.J.

  • Weekend In The Hamptons
    Bob and Cortney butt heads over a low-budget Hamptons-based renovation. Cortney believes the job comes with benefits, but Bob deems it unworthy. They do come together on a decision to hire a nanny, however.

  • With Benefits
    Bob and Cortney get busy with charitable work, as Bob raises funds for his son's basketball team and Cortney gets involved in a benefit for a leukemia victim. Elsewhere, the Novogratzes discover that economic conditions may harm their home sales.

  • London Calling
    The Novogratzes journey to London to seek potential international home buyers and promote their coffee-table book. Yet trouble brews when Bob realizes he's booked a wrong date for a book party.

  • Down At The Jersey Shore
    Bob and Cortney tackle their first large-scale commercial job by designing a new 24-room hotel on the Jersey Shore, but they soon find practicality conflicting with style aesthetic. Meanwhile, home buyers complain about the lack of an elevator in a five-story house.

  • Selling Point
    The Novogratzes break from their hectic schedule and take in coveted family time at their country home. But the heat of a deadline is on when they scramble to finish their hotel project. Meanwhile, selling Manhattan properties proves difficult, a development that sways Bob and Cortney to reconsider their business model.
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