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DescriptionShow Description    

The AbbyAbby  premiered on UPN on January 6, 2003. The series is about an attractive, upbeat, ambitious young African-American woman, who is the producer of the popular television program, "Northwest Sports Report." On the personal front, Abby has just dumped her charmingly self-absorbed boyfriend, Will. But because they share a fabulous, rent-controlled San Francisco apartment, they uneasily agree to remain roommates. Circumstances for Abby on the job are almost as complicated as her love life. As producer of "Northwest Sports Report," she is in the unique position of being one of very few women in the testosterone-laden world of sports television. Additionally, Max, her best friend and ally at the show, harbors a secret crush on her. And then there's her sister, Jo. Feisty and flirtatious, Jo is ever ready to coach Abby on the fine art - and application of - her feminine wiles and always eager to provide her opinion on how Abby should live her life. Put it all together and Abby has a very full and exciting life. Now if she could just hold on, she might be able to keep up with it.

CastShow Cast    
Abby Walker
Sydney Tamiia Poitier
Will Jefferies
Kadeem Hardison
Roger Tomkins
Sean O'Bryan
Max Ellis
Randy J. Goodwin
Joanne Walker
Tangie Ambrose
EpisodesShow Episodes    
Season 1 (2002-2003)
9 Episodes In Season 1
  1. The Breakup (Original Air Date 1/6/2003)
  2. Moving On (Original Air Date 1/7/2003)
  3. Abby's First Date (Original Air Date 1/14/2003)
  4. Ted And Carol And Will And Abby (Original Air Date 1/21/2003)
  5. Abby Gets Her Groove Back (Original Air Date 2/4/2003)
  6. The Mama And The Papa (Original Air Date 2/11/2003)
  7. Leggo My Ego (Original Air Date 2/18/2003)
  8. Bare Naked Lady (Original Air Date 2/25/2003)
  9. Kiss My Ex (Original Air Date 3/4/2003)
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