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Pushing Daisies

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Addicted EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Amanda
    Amanda is a 31 year old alcoholic and heroin addict. She is jobless, homeless and on probation. At their wits end and with no where else to turn, Amanda's parents contact Kristina for help in getting their daughter's life back on track.

  • Klea
    Klea is a 19 year old meth amphetamine addict who has turned to prostitution in order to support her habit. With Kristina's help, Klea must face the demons in her past and escape her downward spiral before it ends in complete self-destruction.

  • Kevin
    Kevin is a 26-year-old alcoholic who has alienated his friends and family with his downward spiral of drinking. In addition to his alcoholism, Kevin is also a diabetic, making his addiction all the more dangerous.

  • Alissa
    Supported financially by her 70 year-old father, Alissa's life is mostly spent in a heroin-induced haze, an addiction that has gone on for 16 years. It's up to Kristina to get her the help she needs and give her the optimism that change is possible.

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy is a 21-year-old OxyContin addict whose family history has been devastated by numerous addictions. Having lost his father, his uncle and his aunt due to their own dependencies, Jeremy is now on an equally dangerous path.

  • Anne & Michael
    After falling in love in a drug recovery program, Annie & Mike have relapsed back to their old habits, costing them both everything that had meaning. Now, their only chance to recovery is a treatment plan that aims to separate them, but will it be enough?
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