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The Almighty JohnsonsThe Almighty Johnsons  premiered on SYFY on July 11, 2014. This series follows the Johnson boys, four typical fun-loving guys ??? who have inherited the power of Norse Gods. But these four brothers are no flashy superheroes. Everyday Gods have everyday struggles ??? searching for love, overcoming sibling rivalry and fulfilling their God-like destiny ??? while still enjoying a few beers with their friends.

Anders Johnson
Dean O'Gorman
Axl Johnson
Emmett Couling Skilton
Keisha Castle-Hughes
Mike Johnson
Tim Balme
Olaf Johnson
Ben Barrington
Ty Johnson
Jared Turner
Valerie Johnson
Roz Turnbull
Season 1 (2013-2014)
(10 Episodes In Season 1)
  1. It's Kind Of A Birthday Present (Original Air Date 7/11/2014)
  2. This Is Where Duty Starts (Original Air Date 7/18/2014)
  3. God's Gift To Zebras (Original Air Date 7/25/2014)
  4. You Gotta Love Life, Baby (Original Air Date 8/1/2014)
  5. This Is Not Washing Powder, My Friend (Original Air Date 8/8/2014)
  6. Goddesses, Axl, Come In All Forms (Original Air Date 8/15/2014)
  7. Bad Things Happen (Original Air Date 8/22/2014)
  8. I Can Give You Frigg (Original Air Date 8/29/2014)
  9. Hunting Reindeer On Slippery Rocks (Original Air Date 9/5/2014)
  10. Every Good Quest Has A Sacrifice (Original Air Date 9/12/2014)
Season 2 (2014-2015)
(13 Episodes In Season 2)
  1. And Then She Will Come To You (Original Air Date 11/5/2014)
  2. Frigg Magnet (Original Air Date 11/6/2014)
  3. Charlie Truman (Original Air Date 11/12/2014)
  4. Death's Cleansing Embrace (Original Air Date 11/13/2014)
  5. A Damn Fine Woman (Original Air Date 11/19/2014)
  6. Folkmoot (Original Air Date 11/20/2014)
  7. Effortless Manly Coolness (Original Air Date 11/26/2014)
  8. Man-Flu (Original Air Date 11/27/2014)
  9. Everything Starts With Gaia (Original Air Date 12/3/2014)
  10. Magical Fluffy Bunny World (Original Air Date 12/4/2014)
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