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American Horror Story EpisodesSeason 6    

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  • Chapter 1
    After Shelby and Matt Miller are attacked by a street gang in LA and Shelby miscarries, they move to a quiet farmhouse in North Carolina. However, the interracial couple soon discover that their problems have only begun.

  • Chapter 2
    Matt and Shelby find a revealing videotape in a hidden cellar. Meanwhile, Lee's daughter Flora makes a new friend, and the mysterious events continue.

  • Chapter 3
    Lee and the others conduct a frantic search for the missing Flora, but a psychic is the only one who offers her hope of finding her daughter. Meanwhile, the identity of the Butcher is revealed.

  • Chapter 4
    The Millers meet the house's previous owner, and he tells them the history of the place. Meanwhile, Scathach summons Matt to collect the payment promised her by Cricket, and Tomasyn captures Cricket.

  • Chapter 5
    The Millers try to escape the house and a previous owner helps them. Meanwhile, Lee comes looking for her daughter, and the Polks look for a meal.

  • Chapter 6
    Matt, Shelby and Lee return to the house with the original cast members to film a follow-up to "My Roanoke Nightmare" titled "Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell."

  • Chapter 7
    Agnes tries to join the show one last time; Shelby discovers why Matt returned to the house; and the woman's search for help leads them into the woods.

  • Chapter 8
    The Polk family take Lee, Monet and Audrey hostage and Shelby and Dominic plan their escape.

  • Chapter 9
    Audrey and Lee plan a rescue of Monet from the Polk compound and a group of hikers search the woods for the Roanoke house.

  • Chapter 10
    Lee stands trial for murder; the famous Lana Winters interviews Lee Harris and a team of spirit chasers break into the house.
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