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Angry Boys EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Episode 1
    Down on the farm with twins Daniel and Nathan, and a guard at a youth detention center explains her responsibilities to the inmates.

  • Episode 2
    California rapper S.mouse charts a new direction for his career, to the dismay of his father and his record company. Meanwhile, Gran helps a troubled inmate adjust to his new surroundings; and Daniel objects to Nathan being sent to a special school for the hearing impaired.

  • Episode 3
    Daniel plans a farewell party for Nathan; Blake Oakfield talks about his surfing history, devastating injury and rivalry with surfers from a neighboring town; S.mouse risks his career with a profane rap song and video.

  • Episode 4
    Jen Okazaki manages her son Tim's skateboarding career; Daniel tries to get Nathan to curb his sexual appetite; Blake initiates new surfers into the Mucca Mad Boys.

  • Episode 5
    Lasquisha sings with S.mouse on his latest track; Jen outlines Tim's diet and exercise regimen; Daniel gets jealous when his mom invites a deaf boy to the house to be Nathan's friend.

  • Episode 6
    Daniel throws a party when his mom and Steve go away for the weekend; Blake and Hunter start a surfing camp for plus-size boys; Gran goes too far in her harsh treatment of a troubled inmate.

  • Episode 7
    S.mouse's disappointing community service at an elementary school creates a desire to get back in the public eye; Daniel's mom makes him socialize with a gay classmate when she's fed up with his homophobic slurs; Tim's relationship with his mom sours as his 16th birthday approaches.

  • Episode 8
    Nathan's success with girls irks Daniel to no end; Blake gets a visit from an old friend fresh out of jail, but Kareena is less than thrilled when he lends the ex-con his van; Gran gets the boys ready for Family Day at Garingal, and shares a secret with one of the inmates.

  • Episode 9
    Nathan makes it known he doesn't want to go to boarding school; Tim gets fed up with Jen imposing a gay lifestyle on him; Blake contemplates various methods of self-improvement.

  • Episode 10
    S.mouse shows off fashion-forward looks at his album's photo shoot; Daniel and Nathan hold special roles in their mother's wedding; Gran tries to make Garingal's isolation cells a bit less lonely.

  • Episode 11
    Daniel gets the farm ready for Nathan's farewell party; Jen goes into crisis-management mode; Gran gets and gives some bad news; S.mouse has an epiphany.

  • Episode 12
    Gran gets closer to her family; S.mouse catches a break; Tim moves back to California, with Jen in tow; Blake finds the confidence to surf again; Nathan's last day in Dunt is one he will never forget.
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