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Animal Mega Moves EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Sharks
    A team of specialist animal movers attempts to fly a pair of ferocious silvertip sharks in an aircraft 6,000 miles from Australia to Dubai for a unique breeding program.

  • Rhinos
    A team of specialist animal movers attempts to move five mighty black rhinos about 1,000 miles across Africa by road and air to a reserve in Zambia to help save the species from extinction.

  • Elephant Herd
    A team of specialist animal movers attempts to capture and move a herd of several dozen elephants 250 miles across Africa to a special reserve.

  • Horses
    A team of British vets and transport engineers attempts to move fifteen racehorses worth a total of $4 million over 6,000 miles from England to Hong Kong in a specially adapted Boeing 747 aircraft.
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