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Some Assembly RequiredSome Assembly Required  premiered on DISC on January 8, 2008. People are fascinated with how things work. From incredibly high-tech items like plasma TVs to remarkably mundane objects that we use every day - toilets, tissues, toothpaste - every object has a story and an incredible process behind it. Hitch a ride on a worldwide journey to participate in the process of making and manufacturing the items that make up our everyday life. Along the way, learn the little known facts about what it takes to design and mass-produce products and get insights into how these things work. Meet the people behind the building process and discover the often dramatic, funny, ingenious solutions people come up with to make products bigger, better, cheaper or quicker.

Brian Unger
Lou Bloomfield
Season 1 (2007-2008)
(7 Episodes In Season 1)
  1. Episode 101 (Original Air Date 12/27/2007)
  2. Episode 102 (Original Air Date 1/8/2008)
  3. Episode 103 (Original Air Date 1/15/2008)
  4. Episode 104 (Original Air Date 1/22/2008)
  5. Episode 105 (Original Air Date 1/29/2008)
  6. Episode 106 (Original Air Date 2/5/2008)
  7. Episode 107 (Original Air Date 2/12/2008)
Season 2 (2007-2008)
(10 Episodes In Season 2)
  1. Episode 201(Original Air Date 8/7/2008)
  2. Episode 202(Original Air Date 8/7/2008)
  3. Episode 203(Original Air Date 8/14/2008)
  4. Episode 204(Original Air Date 8/14/2008)
  5. Episode 205(Original Air Date 8/21/2008)
  6. Episode 206(Original Air Date 8/21/2008)
  7. Episode 207(Original Air Date 8/28/2008)
  8. Episode 208(Original Air Date 9/4/2008)
  9. Episode 209(Original Air Date 9/11/2008)
  10. Episode 210(Original Air Date 9/11/2008)
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