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Pushing Daisies

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The Bachelorette EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Week 1
    Trista meets the 25 Bachelors for the first time during a cocktail party she is hosting. Ten men leave without roses.

  • Week 2
    At the guy's house, Chris brings the remaining fifteen men into the living room and explains that they will be going on group dates of five, invitations delivered via video from Trista. Eight men continue to the next round.

  • Week 3
    Trista's friends Missy, Sara and Shannon arrive at the Bachelorette Pad to go over the compatibility questions they are going to give to the remaining bachelors. Half the men are sent home.

  • Week 4
    Trista celebrates her 30th birthday as she goes to the hometowns of the remaining bachelors to meet their parents. One bachelor is sent home.

  • Week 5
    Trista and the men go on individual overnight dates to exotic locations. One bachelor is sent home without a rose.

  • The Men Tell All
    The men who didn't receive roses from Trista reunite to talk about the season and the bachelorette. Chris Harrison interviews.

  • Week 6
    Trista is down to her final two bachelors but must only choose one after she takes two final dates in St. Louis.

  • Trista & Ryan's Wedding, Part 1
    Trista and Ryan meet their wedding planner and make important decisions about their wedding.

  • Trista & Ryan's Wedding, Part 2
    Bachelor and Bachelorette Party. Trista, her friends, and step-sister go out for the night to celebrate. Ryan and his friends and brother go out and party. A stripper/dancer dances on Ryan and Ryan gets upset so he goes and runs off. Trista can't find him. He finally shows up and him and trista start kissing and hugging.

  • Trista & Ryan's Wedding, Part 3
    It's the wedding day. Everyone prepares for the special day.
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