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Pushing Daisies

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Baldwin Hills EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Life! No Limits
    Jordan raises the ire of a club owner when he keeps all of his club party's profits. In other developments, a jittery Earl asks dancer Ashley for a date; and budding rapper Sal tries to enlist Willie to shoot photographs for his album.

  • Party Aftermath
    Jordan, fronting his own company that organizes parties for kids, aspires to throw a hip Hollywood club party - to his mother's chagrin. Elsewhere, Staci is apprehensive about attending Jordan's shindig because the rich kids will be there.

  • We Wanna Know
    As class president Gaven goes on a first date with streetwise Staci, the driven Roqui quarrels with her father over the purchase of her dream car. Elsewhere, a love triangle develops.

  • Beach Party Fiasco
    Garnette's friends try to make amends when her birthday party goes awry. Meanwhile, Earl has trouble at home and hopes to stay with Daymeon.

  • Date Night Drama
    Staci tries to make amends for her actions at the party, but Garnette isn't quick to accept her apology. Elsewhere, Roqui gets a car, and Gerren and Moriah finally kiss.

  • Don't Call Me
    Earl has two tough breaks when he bombs at a stand-up show and flubs a date with Ashley. Meanwhile, Sal and Willie keep their flirtation going.

  • Setting Things Straight
    A dance recital keeps Ashley busy; Moriah tests his parents by sneaking out to see Gerren; Garnette and Jordan confront one another.

  • Prom Night Tears
    Moriah supports Gerren as she commemorates her friend's death. Elsewhere, Staci bonds with her mother and the gang prepares for prom.

  • Steppin' It Up
    The kids face big decisions as Sal asks Willie how she feels about him, Gerren considers dumping Moriah, and Staci weighs the pros and cons of college.

  • Road To Success
    Ashley throws a graduation party; Sal takes the next step with his album; Gerren and Moriah evaluate their relationship; and Staci continues to contemplate college.
    • Baldwin Hills: The Complete First Season
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