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Pushing Daisies

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Baldwin Hills EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • Sneak Peek
    A preview of the reality series' second season.

  • The Pop Off
    Sal hosting a party, at which Gerren and Lor'Rena each make a play for Moriah. Elsewhere, Staci struggles with money and Seiko and Justin make a connection.

  • Test Of Will
    Lor'Rena tricks Moriah into a double date. Elsewhere, Staci looks for new job opportunities, and Justin and Seiko go on a date.

  • Going At It!
    Justin talks about his past with his youth group and invites his friends to church with Kirk Franklin. Elsewhere, Ashley and her sister prepare a speech honoring their mother, Gerren struggles with her feelings for Moriah and Lor'Rena schemes with Aunjel.

  • Big Shots
    Justin meets with a producer; Jonathan's dad lectures him; Staci considers putting her fashion plan on hold; Gerren hears about Moriah and Lor'Rena's date.

  • Fashion Flair
    Gerren works a fashion show; Moriah tells his mom his true feelings about Gerren; Seiko's birthday party could be the site of conflict started by Lor'Rena.

  • It's Like That!
    Lor'Rena receives advice from her grandmother on her feud with Gerren. Meanwhile, Gerren confronts Moriah again; Sal has a date with LaLa and considers a new path; and Johnathan reveals his secret to Ashley.

  • Decisions, Decisions
    Ashley's parents ponder the future while she's at the prom; Johnathan receives a special gift; Lor'Rena is late for the prom; Staci receives life-changing news.

  • Famous Aunties
    Staci and Kevin's relationship progresses; Moriah discusses his future with his parents; Ashley receives advice from family friends Star Jones, Vivica A. Fox and Lela Rochon; Johnathan and Lor'Rena's romance heats up.

  • The Glamorous Life
    Gerren anticipates her movie premiere and later receives advice from Justin about Moriah. Elsewhere, Sal interviews for an internship, Staci tells Seiko her secret, and the "Forgiveness Walk" is launched.

  • Separate Ways
    Justin plans a reunion with his father. Elsewhere, Ashley throws a graduation party, Lor'Rena and Aunjel realize their paths are separating, and Staci has a first look at her baby.
    • Baldwin Hills: The Complete First Season
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