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Pushing Daisies

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Baldwin Hills EpisodesSeason 3    

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  • Turning Points
    Justin decides to throw a party to celebrate his writing team's new deal with SONY. While on the basketball court, he invites Moriah, Kenny and Trason, who is looking forward to spending time with Aunjel to find out if she's really feelin' him. Kenny will be bringing his girlfriend to the party, but he's not too excited about that. He'd be happier if she wasn't coming along.

  • Let's Talk
    Aysia and Aunjel hang out at the salon. Aunjel is still crushin' on Trason, and Aysia expresses an interest in Justin, but she's not sure she has time for boys right now. Aunjel has a talk with her mom about her crush. Her mother offers Aunjel another purity ring to replace the one she lost. Aunjel assures her mother that she isn't having sex, and agrees to wear the new ring.

  • Put Your Game On
    Justin tells Trason and Kenny that he's interested in Aysia. Kenny tells the fellas about his one-on-one time with Seiko and how she planted a kiss on him out of nowhere. Later, Aysia speaks to her aunt about going on a date with Justin, but Aysia's mind is really on her aunt's impending incarceration.

  • Oh, That's Awkward!
    Staci and Seiko hang out at the skate park, and Seiko persuades her friend to attend an upcoming beach party. Staci reluctantly agrees to go to the party, but she's not sure she's ready to answer everyone's questions about the baby she lost. Trason meets with the board of the DRE group for young entrepreneurs and is pleased when they accept him into the group. Gerren seeks more advice, this time from Chasen's father, about launching her own T-shirt line.

  • Keeping Their Cool!
    While helping Seiko clean out her closet, Staci encourages Aysia to continue spending time with Justin, who Staci considers a really good guy. After finding some style relics in Seiko's closet, the three decide to host an '80s party. Trason meets Blair at the DRE Group. He asks her out to lunch, but he barely gets the invitation out before one of his supervisors reminds him to stay focused on business, not pleasure. Trason agrees to show more than just his player side.

  • Tough Questions
    Tyler reluctantly admits to her mother that she is going to Moriah's house for a date. Meanwhile, Moriah is at home preparing dinner for Tyler. His mother questions him about his new love interest, and Moriah hopes the two ladies will hit it off. Tyler hopes Moriah's mother does not live up to her reputation. The two women meet, and things go smoothly. Moriah's mother gives Tyler and Mo the thumbs up. The two go out to the backyard for dinner. Although Moriah prepared food that Tyler was unable to eat, the two have a nice time together.

  • The Grill
    Gerren calls a meeting with Seiko and Staci. She wants to start a day camp for girls and solicits her friends to speak to and work with the young ladies who participate. At the camp, Gerren and Staci discuss eating disorders and drug use. Seiko talks to the girls about gang violence. At the end of the session, the three are pleased and agree that the experience helped them as much as it helped the younger girls.

  • Vegas Dreaming
    Seiko and Justin plan a trip to Las Vegas; the group participates in a charity event; and Justin seeks advice on his relationship with his dad.

  • Just Friends?
    The group goes to Vegas for Justin's birthday. Seiko also visits her new boyfriend during the trip. Elsewhere, Moriah and Tyler skip homecoming in favor of a more intimate date.

  • Facing The Truth
    Trason plans an Obama party. Elsewhere, Seiko considers moving to Vegas, but Justin has news that may cause her to change her mind.
    • Baldwin Hills: The Complete First Season
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