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Big Bang Theory EpisodesSeason 5    

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  • The Skank Reflex Analysis
    Penny worries that she's screwed things up permanently with her friends, while Sheldon takes command of the paintball team.

  • The Infestation Hypothesis
    A fight between Sheldon and Penny leaves Amy caught in the middle, while Leonard tries to spice up his long-distance relationship with Priya.

  • The Pulled Groin Extrapolation
    Leonard and Amy get to know each other better, while Howard and Bernadette spend the weekend with Mrs. Wolowitz.

  • The Wiggly Finger Catalyst
    Raj finally meets a girl he can communicate with.

  • The Russian Rocket Reaction
    Sheldon and Leonard get invited to a party at Wil Wheaton's house, and Howard gets an out-of-this-world opportunity.

  • The Rhinitis Revelation
    Sheldon competes with the gang for his mother's attention when she comes to visit.

  • The Good Guy Fluctuation
    A cute comic book artist puts Leonard and Priya's relationship to the test, while Sheldon tries to scare the guys for Halloween.

  • The Isolation Permutation
    Amy is crushed when Bernadette and Penny go shopping for wedding dresses without her.

  • The Ornithophobia Diffusion
    Leonard and Penny try hanging out alone, and Sheldon must overcome his fear of birds.

  • The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition
    Sheldon considers taking his relationship with Amy to the next level when Stuart from the comic book store asks her out on a date.

  • The Speckerman Recurrence
    Leonard must face his fears after being contacted by his high school tormentor.

  • The Shiny Trinket Maneuver
    Sheldon gets in trouble with Amy when he isn't impressed by her recent accomplishment, and Howard must come to grips with Bernadette's dislike of children.

  • The Recombination Hypothesis
    Everything might change when Leonard offers Penny a spur of the moment invitation to a romantic dinner for two.

  • The Beta Test Initiation
    Leonard and Penny experiment with dating, while Raj develops a peculiar relationship with his phone's virtual assistant.

  • The Friendship Contraction
    Sheldon's selfish demands force Leonard to reconsider their friendship. Meanwhile, Wolowitz tries to pick his astronaut nickname.

  • The Vacation Solution
    When Sheldon is forced to take his vacation, he goes to work with Amy in her neurobiology lab. Meanwhile, Bernadette wants Howard to sign a pre-nup.

  • The Rothman Disintegration
    When an office at the University opens up, Sheldon must compete for it with his archenemy, Kripke. Meanwhile, a gift from Amy makes Penny uncomfortable.

  • The Werewolf Transformation
    Sheldon's life is turned upside-down after his barber gets sick. Meanwhile, astronaut training causes Wolowitz to rethink his decision to go into space.

  • The Weekend Vortex
    Sheldon chooses to play video games with the guys rather than go with Amy to her aunt's birthday party.

  • The Transporter Malfunction
    Penny buys Leonard and Sheldon "Star Trek" collectibles as a thank-you, leading Sheldon to be haunted by Mr. Spock. Meanwhile, Raj decides he has met the "Future Mrs. Koothrappali" after his parents set him up on a date.

  • The Hawking Excitation
    When Wolowitz gets to work with Stephen Hawking, Sheldon is willing to do anything to meet his hero.

  • The Stag Convergence
    Bernadette reconsiders marrying Howard after learning about his sexual history.

  • The Launch Acceleration
    NASA reschedules Howard's mission, putting the wedding plans in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Leonard says something surprising to Penny in the bedroom.

  • The Countdown Reflection
    When Howard and Bernadette decide they want to be married before his NASA launch, the gang rushes to put on a wedding.
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