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Bindi, The Jungle GirlBindi, The Jungle Girl  premiered on DISC KIDS on June 9, 2007. Bindi: The Jungle Girl is a Wildlife Warrior on a mission. From her tree house perched high in the jungle, each week Bindi takes us to every corner of the globe to meet the wildlife which most need our help. With the help of Steve Irwin's video library of hottest "Croc Hunter" action, Bindi shows us many of her famous Dad's adventures that have not been seen before. Like a Noah's Ark, Bindi's tree house is constantly visited by all sorts of animals, such as her favourite cockatoo Ocker; Peru the Iguana; or one of her many gorgeous snakes like Blackie, the black-headed python. Whether it's an adventure dealing with elephants in Asia, dogs in the wild, cats - great and small, endangered species, or even the world of birds, Bindi: The Jungle Girl carries a strong conservation message in every episode.

Bindi Sue Irwin
Steve Irwin
Terri Irwin
Robert Clarence Irwin
Season 1 (2007-2008)
(26 Episodes In Season 1)
  1. Not Many Left (Original Air Date 6/9/2007)
  2. Elephants At Work (Original Air Date 6/9/2007)
  3. American Beauties (Original Air Date 6/16/2007)
  4. Cat Tracks (Original Air Date 6/16/2007)
  5. Aussie Icons (Original Air Date 6/23/2007)
  6. Mouthing Off (Original Air Date 6/23/2007)
  7. Dogs R Wild (Original Air Date 6/30/2007)
  8. End Of The World (Original Air Date 6/30/2007)
  9. Like An Eagle (Original Air Date 7/7/2007)
  10. Prince Rajah (Original Air Date 7/14/2007)
  11. Lizard Tales (Original Air Date 9/8/2007)
  12. Saving The Whales (Original Air Date 10/13/2007)
  13. Animal I.C.U. (Original Air Date 10/27/2007)
  14. Weirdest Wildlife (Original Air Date 11/10/2007)
  15. Boots, Bags And Belts (Original Air Date 11/17/2007)
  16. Animals On The Move (Original Air Date 12/1/2007)
  17. Odd Ops (Original Air Date 12/8/2007)
  18. Monkey In The Jungle (Original Air Date 12/15/2007)
  19. Crocodilians (Original Air Date 1/12/2008)
  20. Treehouse Sleepover (Original Air Date 2/9/2008)
  21. Poached Eggs (Original Air Date 3/1/2008)
  22. Snake In The Grass (Original Air Date 4/5/2008)
  23. Oceans Ten (Original Air Date 4/19/2008)
  24. Animal Mysteries (Original Air Date 5/3/2008)
  25. Devil Island (Original Air Date 5/17/2008)
  26. How Old Are They? (Original Air Date 5/31/2008)
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