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DescriptionShow Description    

Good Morning Miss BlissGood Morning, Miss Bliss premiered on DIS on November 30, 1988. This show was about a wise and caring teacher named Miss Bliss and her adventures with her students at John F. Kennedy Junior High School in Indianapolis. She often had to keep an eye on her mischevious students, especially Zack Morris. Zack Morris was a mischievious kid who always tries to get out of trouble, Zack hung out with Samuel "Screech" Powers, Mikey Gonzalez, Lisa Turtle, who was a total fashion plate, and Nicole "Nikki" Coleman, who was a socially conscious tomboy. Miss Bliss had her share of help from the principal Richard Belding, art teacher Tina Palidrino, and yard teacher Milo Williams. This show turned out to be the basis of yet another popular show, Saved By The Bell, and these episodes were shown as part of Saved by the Bell in the summer after the latter's first season.

Carrie Bliss
Hayley Mills
Zack Morris
Mark-Paul Gosselaar
Samuel "Screech" Powers
Dustin Diamond
Lisa Turtle
Lark Voorhies
Nicole Coleman
Heather Hopper
Mikey Gonzalez
Max Battimo
Richard Belding
Dennis Haskins
Tina Palidrino
Joan Ryan
Milo Williams
T.K. Carter
Season 1 (1988-1989)
13 Episodes In Season 1
  1. Summer Love (Original Air Date 11/30/1988)
  2. Love Letters (Original Air Date 12/7/1988)
  3. Wall Street (Original Air Date 12/14/1988)
  4. Leaping To Conclusions (Original Air Date 12/21/1988)
  5. Parents And Teachers (Original Air Date 12/28/1988)
  6. The Showdown (Original Air Date 1/4/1989)
  7. Save The Last Dance For Me (Original Air Date 2/4/1989)
  8. The Boy Who Cried Rat (Original Air Date 2/11/1989)
  9. Let's Get Together (Original Air Date 2/18/1989)
  10. Practical Jokes (Original Air Date 2/25/1989)
  11. Stevie (Original Air Date 3/4/1989)
  12. Clubs And Cliques (Original Air Date 3/11/1989)
  13. The Mentor (Original Air Date 3/18/1989)
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