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Bridezillas EpisodesSeason 6    

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  • Top 10 Bridezilla Moments
    It's a countdown of the top 10 most memorable moments in Bridezilla history, plus updates from some of our very favorite Bridezillas of yore. Revisit some of the most jaw-dropping scenes from Maria's cake dropping fiasco to Candice's church-step brawl, Megan's binder breakdown and Anita's wedding day disaster - it's the very best of the worst, plus find out how these former zillas are fairing today.

  • Courtney And Valerie
    Courtney Cray is a Southern Bridezilla with a flair for the theatrical! She and her fiance, Dan, have planned a Clue-themed murder mystery wedding, but most of the drama happens in the planning. There's a few epic meltdowns, confrontations, and shocking revelations all the way up to and including the wedding day! Meanwhile, Valerie Nieto is a beautiful California Bridezilla whose ego is only matched by her violent temper!

  • Valerie And Christina
    It's a case of near-instant karma for Bridezilla Valerie, who discovers that her wedding venue is in the middle of raging Southern California wildfires! While her entire wedding hangs in the balance, Valerie's temper continues to flare! Meanwhile, Bridezilla Christina has planned an outdoor wedding-in the middle of December. Christina also has a weight minimum for her bridesmaids, who must be at least 200lbs, and when her maid of honor comes down with a cold, Christina comes up with a devious plan to keep her cough quiet!

  • Levitriss And Valerie
    Valerie's venue may not have burned to the ground, but as we lead up to the wedding day, this Bridezilla is on a tear! Between crushed centerpieces and a smashed wedding cake, Valerie is a force to be reckoned with... but when the big day arrives, our Bridezilla finally gets what's coming to her! Meanwhile, Bridezilla Levitriss West has a mean case of sibling rivalry that's threatening to unravel her entire wedding party!

  • Levitriss And Angela
    Spoiled Bridezilla Levitriss manipulates everyone in her wake in order to get the day of her dreams. In fact, Levitriss is so used to having everyone do everything for her that when her big day arrives, she doesn't even have her dress back from the seamstress! There's so much stress on her wedding day that Levitriss cries and dry heaves right until she walks down the aisle. Meanwhile, when control freak Angela has a panic attack while trying on her wedding gown, she's forced to ponder whether she's actually ready to tie the knot.

  • Bernadette And Angela
    Bridezilla Angela takes her show on the road from Arizona to San Diego for the wedding, where she micromanages and belittles everyone unfortunate enough to cross her path. But the real fireworks happen on the wedding day, when Angela discovers a problem with the groom's tux-and she goes berserk! Meanwhile, we meet Bridezilla Bernadette, whose emotional stability is tenuous... at best. When she isn't busy firing her bridesmaids, Bernie has to find not one, but THREE dresses to wear at her reception???in under an hour.

  • Bernadette And Josaine
    Bridezilla Bernie has one emotional meltdown after another when the wedding party starts dropping like flies. When Bernie isn't losing it over lost bridesmaids, she terrorizes those who remain, and is an emotional whirlwind all the way down the aisle. Meanwhile, Bridezilla Josaine is a New York Latina Diva who flat out refuses to stay within budget, tosses out her makeup artist, and has a psychotic episode over the seating chart.

  • Karee And Josaine
    Bridezilla Josaine, the Latina Diva from New York City, flips out on her own mother for giving her sub-par highlights, but round two at the salon leaves her with orange-tinted hair for her big day! Josaine also flat out refuses to stop going over budget and further into debt, opting for accessories over her own fiance! Meanwhile, Bridezilla Karee may be the meanest, most abusive Bridezilla of all time! She forces her fiance to put on a dress, makes her mother-in-law clean her wedding dress - with a toothbrush, and smashes a homemade gift without an ounce of remorse!

  • Karee And Melissa C.
    Wisconsin Bridezilla Karee takes her crazy to a whole new level as she continues her campaign to be the meanest Zilla of all time. Karee boxes her mother-in-law over her dirty dress, burns her bridesmaid's shoes, and gets into a car chase on her wedding day... but then, when Karee is over an hour late to her ceremony she learns that the judge marrying her is about to leave! Meanwhile, we meet Long Island Bridezilla Melissa, who is so obsessed with doing an elaborate dance at her reception, that she drives her wedding party over the edge.

  • Melissa C. And Valique
    Bridezilla Melissa is still reeling from finding out her fiance had a stripper at his bachelor party, and kicks his brother, the best man, out of the wedding as revenge. But unfortunately for Melissa, her fiance won't tie the knot without his brother at his side. Meanwhile, Valique can't seem to get along with anyone, much less her fiance - who she threatens to poison on their wedding day as revenge for being late for an appointment with the baker! But things get much worse when her fiance receives a message from an old flame, and Valique goes insane!

  • Valique And Melissa G.
    Bridezilla Valique gets even with her fiance for getting a voicemail from an old flame, then proceeds to drive her bridal party bonkers by alternately refusing their help and complaining about doing everything on her own. Meanwhile, Bridezilla Melissa is a master manipulator when it comes to getting what she wants, even when what she wants makes absolutely no sense. And when Melissa's sisters give her a horrible at-home dye job, she demands that her fiance sell his blood to pay for a professional fix.

  • Melissa G. And Jessica
    Bridezilla and self proclaimed "butterfly princess" Melissa gets into a huge brawl at her bachelorette party, can't seem to gain enough weight to fit into her wedding dress, and has a total meltdown over the length of her toenails. Meanwhile, Bridezilla Jessica terrorizes her makeup artist, flips out over an at-home dye job, then forces her fiance to disinvite his mother's best friend to their wedding.

  • Jessica And Melissa B.
    Bridezilla Jessica fires her Maid of Honor, then forces Brandon to pick sides between her and his own mother on their wedding day! Meanwhile, Bridezilla Melissa is a delusional diva who refers to herself as the Queen. When not openly flirting with the DJ, she lords over the groomsmen with ridiculous rules and regulations, and makes outrageous demands for a white horse and a giant castle cake.

  • Melissa B. And Adrienne
    "Queen" Bridezilla Melissa hustles her way to the "royal" wedding of her dreams, stealing her fiance's ATM card and lying to her ex-husband in order to foot the bill. Melissa also believes her ex-fiance, the groom's former best friend, will show up to the wedding, so she purchases a gun to keep in her bosom during the blessed event. Meanwhile, Bridezilla Adrienne pokes fun at one friend for being too tubby, and later kicks out a bridesmaid for being too tiny!

  • Adrienne And Debra
    Bridezilla Adrienne freaks out when the flowers she ordered are suddenly unavailable, and a late-arriving bridesmaid dress has a stain. Customer service beware, because this Bridezilla doesn't hold back! Meanwhile, Bridezilla Debra's erratic emotions keep everyone around her on edge. Even a trip to the tanning salon isn't simple when combined with this volatile bride! Deb even uses target practice to vent her frustrations-but when that doesn't work, there's always medication.

  • Debra And Nicole
    The odds seem against Bridezilla Debra ever making it down the aisle. Between the preacher dropping out, the bridal party falling apart, her ex trying to stop the wedding, a trip to the ER, and her own personal psychosis, Deb isn't sure she wants to go through with it at all. Meanwhile, Staten Island Bridezilla Nicole can't seem to get it together-and neither can her bridesmaids, or the best man.

  • Nicole And Kirsten
    Nicole has a meltdown when she discovers a stain on her dress, but she should really be more concerned with whether it will fit. Nicole spends most of her wedding day screaming, and it doesn't even end after the ceremony! Meanwhile, Kirsten is like no Bridezilla before her! An actress and doggie tutu designer, Kirsten puts on quite the routine when it comes to getting what she wants. Unfortunately for her, not everyone is buying her little act!

  • Kirsten And LaJune
    Kirsten is a spoiled daddy's girl who cries like a school child any time she doesn't get her way = which usually means she gets exactly what she wants. The one person who won't put up with Kirsten's manipulations is her wedding band leader... who Kirsten suddenly refuses to pay. But Bridezilla beware, because this is one wedding that will go down in infamy when a fight with a vendor winds up tearing apart the newlyweds on their wedding night! Meanwhile, LaJune confronts her former best friend, who she believes had a secret affair with her fiance!

  • LaJune And Lacey
    LaJune bullies her bridesmaids and faces off with her former best friend, who may or may not be trying to interfere with the wedding. Then during her bachelorette party, things get physical! Meanwhile, Oklahoma Bridezilla Lacey requires not one but two wedding bands, and then makes a spectacle out of herself by dancing on stage at the strip club where her fiance is having his bachelor party.

  • Lacey And LaDrienna
    Lacey insists on having an outdoor ceremony during tornado season in Oklahoma, and refuses to come up with a back up plan. When the big day arrives and so does a major storm, the bride still refuses to take the ceremony indoors... will Lacey's wedding be entirely swept away? Meanwhile, LaDrienna kicks out four bridesmaids who don't make it to the bachelorette party, and then refuses to pay a 12 cent overage at the florist!

  • Ladrienna And Karen
    Staten Island Bridezilla Karen is a spoiled daddy's girl with major entitlement issues. When she's not terrorizing her vendors, she keeps busy lording over her bridesmaids, screaming at strangers, and getting black listed from her own bachelorette party after yelling at the doorman! Meanwhile, Ladrienna feels the budget crunch when her "baby Benz" breaks down, forcing her to return her wedding presents before she's even hitched.

  • Karen And Natasha
    Karen continues her reign of terror! When Karen can't find anyone willing to do her hair, she is forced to revisit her original stylist for round two - and it isn't pretty! Later, Karen has a hissy fit when asked to accommodate a wheelchair bound relative in her seating chart, and has a history-making meltdown during a dress fitting. Meanwhile, Natasha insists on driving two hours into the desert to find sand for her unity candle, and tries to dump the groom's sisters from the bridal party at the last minute.

  • Ladrienna And Karen
    Karen continues her reign of terror everywhere she goes, but a final confrontation with her seamstress nearly comes to blows! Then, on Karen's big day, this out of control Bridezilla threatens her own bridesmaids, pitches a fit during her photos, and destroys her bouquet before she ever gets down the aisle! Meanwhile, Kelli wants what she wants to have her perfect day, but when her reception is disrupted by a near-drowning, there is hell to pay!
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