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Pushing Daisies

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DescriptionShow Description    

Bosom BuddiesBosom Buddies  premiered on ABC on November 27, 1980. The series is about two men who need a place to live. They find out from a co-worker of a place with really cheap rent and in a really good area. There is one catch - only women can live there. The two men pretend to be their sisters and dress up as women to live there. Only one person knows who they really are, and she lives there too.

CastShow Cast    
Kip/Buffy Wilson
Tom Hanks
Henry/Hildegard Desmond
Peter Scolari
Amy Cassidy
Wendie Jo Sperber
Sonny Lumet
Donna Dixon
Isabelle Hammond
Telma Hopkins
Lilly Sinclair
Lucille Benson
Ruth Dunbar
Holland Taylor
EpisodesShow Episodes    

Season 1 (1980-1981)

(19 Episodes In Season 1)

  1. Pilot (Original Air Date 11/27/1980)
  2. My Brother, My Sister, Myself (Original Air Date 12/4/1980)
  3. Loathe Thy Neighbor (Original Air Date 12/11/1980)
  4. Macho Man (Original Air Date 12/18/1980)
  5. What Price Glory? (Original Air Date 1/1/1981)
  6. Kip And Sonny's Date (Original Air Date 1/8/1981)
  7. Beauty And The Beasts (Original Air Date 1/15/1981)
  8. Revenge (Original Air Date 1/22/1981)
  9. Amy's Career (Original Air Date 1/29/1981)
  10. Gotta Dance (Original Air Date 2/5/1981)
  11. Sonny Boy (Original Air Date 2/12/1981)
  12. How Great Thou Art (Original Air Date 2/19/1981)
  13. Kip Quits (Original Air Date 2/26/1981)
  14. Only The Lonely (Original Air Date 3/12/1981)
  15. The Re-Write (Original Air Date 3/19/1981)
  16. The Show Must Go On (Original Air Date 3/26/1981)
  17. The Hospital (Original Air Date 4/2/1981)
  18. Best Friends (Original Air Date 4/9/1981)
  19. Cahoots (Original Air Date 4/30/1981)

Season 2 (1981-1982)

(19 Epsiodes In Season 2)

  1. The Truths And Other Lies (Original Air Date 10/8/1981)
  2. There's No Business... (Original Air Date 10/15/1981)
  3. The Reunion (Original Air Date 10/22/1981)
  4. One For You, One For Me (Original Air Date 11/27/1981)
  5. Road To Monte Carlo (Original Air Date 12/4/1981)
  6. Waterballoongate (Original Air Date 12/11/1981)
  7. All You Need Is Love (Original Air Date 12/18/1981)
  8. Other Than That, She's A Wonderful Person (Original Air Date 12/25/1981)
  9. The Slightly Illustrated Man (Original Air Date 1/8/1982)
  10. Two Percent Solution (Original Air Date 1/15/1982)
  11. Cablevision (Original Air Date 1/22/1982)
  12. The Grandfather (Original Air Date 2/4/1982)
  13. Hildy's Dirt Nap (Original Air Date 2/11/1982)
  14. Kip Off The Old Block (Original Air Date 2/18/1982)
  15. The Way Kip And Henry Were (Original Air Date 3/4/1982)
  16. Who's On Thirst? (Original Air Date 3/11/1982)
  17. Not With My Sister, You Pig (Original Air Date 3/18/1982)
  18. Not The Last Picture Show (Original Air Date 3/25/1982)
  19. Call Me Irresponsible (Original Air Date 5/27/1982)
  • Bosom Buddies: The Complete Series
  • Bosom Buddies: The First Season
  • Bosom Buddies: The Second Season
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