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Campus PD EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • Episode 1
    Officers investigate a noise complaint; Stop a pickup truck with eight scantily clad youths driving home from a frat party.

  • Episode 2
    Officers shut down parties that lead to the arrest of an intoxicated woman and man; A student is caught urinating in public.

  • Episode 3
    Breaking up a party with a disorderly brother and irate sister, a drunk guy resists arrest, interrogating an agitated partygoer who is bleeding.

  • Episode 4
    Arresting an uncooperative drunk student, pursuing a guy with an open container, A young man is questioned attempting to jog home from the bar.

  • Episode 5
    Spring Break in Cancun, officers find two Spring Breakers passed-out on the street and two guys fight over a motorbike.

  • Episode 6
    Spring Break in Florida's St. Pete Beach has officers cracking down on underage drinking. In Galveston, there is a fight on the beach between two girls.

  • Episode 7
    Police in Cancun arrest an intoxicated American for vandalism, a dancing girl stops traffic in Corpus Christi.

  • Episode 8
    A student's truck goes out of control on Crystal Beach.

  • Episode 9
    A partier gets too rowdy on the beach in Galveston.

  • Episode 10
    An unlicensed driver arrested and an underage house party busted in Galveston.

  • Episode 11
    A college student argues with officers over a noise complaint.

  • Episode 12
    A violent snowball fight among underage drinkers.

  • Episode 13
    Officers investigate a fight between two young women.

  • Episode 14
    Officers break up a freshman's house party.

  • Episode 15
    Officers assist a young man and his girlfriend after a strange intruder hits the man in the face with a baseball bat.

  • Episode 16
    A student is arrested for obstructing police business.
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