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Pushing Daisies

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Campus PD EpisodesSeason 3    

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  • Episode 1
    An officer suspects a young man of cocaine possession; A noisy house party gets shut down.

  • Episode 2
    An out of control house party has officers calling for backup; A young man gets chased when seen with open alcohol.

  • Episode 3
    Officers shut down a huge party in an apartment complex; an inebriated young woman becomes agitated; officers search for an intoxicated student.

  • Episode 4
    A young man is arrested for disorderly conduct. A man on the run and ends up getting tasered & arrested.

  • Episode 5
    Two young men are stopped for illegally skateboarding; a crowd outside a nightclub is dispersed; a house party is shut down.

  • Episode 6
    A young woman's fight with a doorman at a party is investigated.

  • Episode 7
    The host of a rowdy party faces his third ticket for the same infraction.

  • Episode 8
    An underage woman with an open container tries to run from the law.

  • Episode 9
    A loud and intoxicated young man is given five minutes to shut down his party.

  • Episode 10
    Officers shut down parties that lead to the arrest of an intoxicated woman and man in possession.
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