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Cash & Cari EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • Estate Sale Frenzy
    From floor to ceiling, Barbara's family home is crammed with Art Deco collectibles, antique furniture, and costume jewelry. Cari and her team unearth rare finds that lure a huge crowd hungry for deals. Barbara is astounded when her father's vintage trombone, originally bought for $5 in 1934, is valued far higher. Brisk sales exceed expectations but Cari stresses when her trusted mover fails to show up for work.

  • Planes, Drains And Great Deals
    Eric's estate is filled with quality furniture, industrial machinery, fancy china, and an antique suit of armour with a showbiz past. He even owns a pristine military plane from WWII valued at $108,000. Cari has huge expectations for the sale but once the doors open, customers are turned off by the high prices so she is forced to make deals. To make matters worse, a backed up sewer almost sinks Cari's sale and a plumber has to be called in. Away from the sale, Cari travels to Toledo and unearths a designer Danish rocking chair from the 1950's. Bought for $50, she refurbishes it and features it in her store for $900.

  • Blue Bin Bonanza
    Joni's basement is a storage bin bonanza, overflowing with valuable Early American antiques collected by her mother. Understaffed, Cari goes on a mad dash to unearth, catalogue, and price all the rare finds; one of which is a sterling silver tray and tea set dating back to the 50s. As time runs out and customers flock to the sale, Cari's stress levels go through the roof when Matt, her muscle, fails to show up for work. Cari also gets lucky at a contents sale where she finds some perfect items to refurbish and use to construct a coffee table. She gets creative and turns a $90 investment into a great piece with a $225 price tag.

  • Fresh Faces And Big Sales
    Kevin's emotions run high after he asks Cari to sell his parent's collection of rare collectibles, handmade furniture, and decorative antiques. Aiming high, Cari doubles her sales estimate after Kevin reveals a 1975 Cadillac in mint condition hiding in the garage. Responding to increased demand, Cari hires new staff and she's bolstered by their stellar work. Cari also brings in new hire, Natalie, to help refurbish one of Kevin's old cabinets into a spectacular vanity with sink vessel. Bought for $50, Cari prices it at $699 and strategically places it in her shop.

  • Quirky Collectibles Sales
    Sisters Jan and Jerry hope Cari will sell their mother's massive collection of quirky collectibles and vintage furniture so they can book tickets on a cruise ship. But when the sales gets off to a slow start, Cari gets stressed she won't reach her target. New team member Gretchen has the day to prove herself, and Janel makes a big mistake. Meanwhile, Cari goes shopping and finds the perfect wine cellar door, dating back to 1935. She also teams up with Natalie to transform two bowling balls into eye-popping lawn ornaments using floor adhesive and broken glass.

  • Cari's Estate Sale Contest
    After twenty-four years of fond memories, Bob and Trish want to sell everything they own and move west to be closer to their grandkids. Determined to liquidate a house full of fancy furniture and one-off collectibles, Cari challenges her team to a sales contest. Gretchen races ahead of the pack but Janel is hot on her heels. Meanwhile, Cari drops by a local barn and unearths some quality treasures for her own home. Back at her warehouse, she transforms a dusty old saddle into a deluxe rocking horse.

  • High-End Estate Sale Bids
    After thirty-seven years, Charlie is eager to sell his family home, jam-packed with high-end antiques and eclectic treasures. Giddy customers swarm the sale and the team rises to the challenge. Cari wants to start a bidding war on Charlie's vintage Corvette but Moe struggles to get it running. Meanwhile, Cari buys an assortment of high-quality antiques to sell at her consignment shop. Back at her warehouse, she transforms a beat-up headboard and footboard into a charming bench, raising its value from $40 to $400.

  • High End Estate Sale Pay Day
    Sisters Heidi and Pam are ready to unload their parent's massive collection of high-end antiques, collectibles, and furniture. Cari can see the value in the collection and anticipates her highest payday ever. The pressure is on when Cari pits Natalie against Janel in a mini-estate sale challenge to see who can move more treasures. Meanwhile, Cari heads to a farmer's market full of repurposed goods to find new items for her consignment shop. Back at her warehouse, she transforms an old provincial dresser from blah to oh-la-la!

  • Signs Of Sale Trouble
    Bev and Ron are downsizing and are looking to Cari to liquidate their home crammed full of period pieces, unique paintings, and one-off collections. Cari quickly feels the pressure when the big items don't move, and bad weather threatens to derail the sale. Matters get worse when her signs advertising the sale mysteriously disappear.

  • A Tale Of Juggling Two Sales
    With a warehouse and estate sale running over the same weekend, Cari and her team are stretched thin. Siblings Dewight and Cheryll are eager to liquidate their mother's huge collection of retro furniture and one-off collectibles. Cari's team is forced to get creative when the big-ticket items are slow to move. Back at the warehouse sale, Mo and Gretchen face disaster even before they've opened the doors. Adding even more to her responsibilities, Cari also gives an old tractor seat a trendy new look.

  • Cool Collectibles Estate Sale
    John's wife, Suzie, has passed on and he wants her huge assortment of cool collectibles and antiques to find great homes. Cari and her team step up and get creative to move the massive collection. But it's the big-ticket items that prove difficult to sell. Meanwhile Cari liquidates a nearby farm and proves there is no place she won't go to find choice antiques. Back at the warehouse, she transforms two tables into shadow box tables and decorates them with some of Suzie's treasures as a special gift for John and his sister-in-law, Chris.

  • Collector's Delight Estate Sale
    A collector for 30 years, Terry is ready to liquidate her huge home jam-packed with collectibles. The sale starts to resemble an amusement park and attracts record crowds, forcing Cari and her team to move fast. During the sale, the team plays a practical joke on Cari that touches her heart.Meanwhile, Cari goes digging at a nearby estate sale and finds some choice pieces. Back at her warehouse, she modernizes an old planter table upping its value from $30 to $200.
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