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Chandon PicturesChandon Pictures  premiered on Australian TV on November 10, 2007. This series follows the amusing adventures of Tom Chandon's struggling video production company. With his crew of two others - loyal and enduring cameraman, Nick and forthright, realist producer Lucy, Tom manages to operate his two-bit business by shrouding himself in a euphemistic haze of self-delusion. Based on Rob Carlton and Alex Weinress's 2006 Sony Tropfest film festival mockumentary short film, Carmichael & Shane.

Tom Chandon
Rob Carlton
Lucy Canon
Rebecca Massey
Nick Brenner
Darren Gilshenan
Charmichael Chandon
Josh Lawson
Charlie Garber
Season 1 (2007-2008)
(8 Episodes In Season 1)
  1. Cousins (Original Air Date 11/10/2007)
  2. Back To School (Original Air Date 11/17/2007)
  3. Bevan's Heaven (Original Air Date 11/24/2007)
  4. Champion Charles (Original Air Date 12/1/2007)
  5. Private Dick (Original Air Date 12/8/2007)
  6. Death Wish (Original Air Date 12/15/2007)
  7. White Ants (Original Air Date 12/22/2007)
  8. Hollywood (Original Air Date 12/29/2007)
Season 2 (2008-2009)
(8 Episodes In Season 2)
  1. The Lifestyle (Original Air Date 3/19/2009)
  2. Run Bitch Run (Original Air Date 3/26/2009)
  3. Not A Pyramid (Original Air Date 4/2/2009)
  4. The Man With The Dancing Fingers (Original Air Date 4/9/2009)
  5. She's 22 (Original Air Date 4/16/2009)
  6. Pack (Original Air Date 4/23/2009)
  7. Script Is Written (Original Air Date 4/30/2009)
  8. Rock$tar (Original Air Date 5/7/2009)
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