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Pushing Daisies

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Chasing The Saturdays EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • #UnitedSatsOfAmerica
    The all-female British pop group the Saturdays arrive in the U.S., which gets a little rocky as the girls prepare for a big concert.

  • #SatsCriesAndVideotape
    Quarreling between Vanessa and her boyfriend affects the band as they shoot a music video for their first U.S. single.

  • #SatsOnTheBeach
    Frankie and Vanessa encourage Mollie to get over a broken heart by meeting a new man, while Rochelle's overspending gives Una cause for concern.

  • #DeepFriedSats
    The Saturdays get a taste of American culture while hanging out with boy band the Wanted at the L.A. County Fair. Later, Frankie's panic attacks return just before an important club performance.

  • #SatsAndTheCity
    The Saturdays attend New York Fashion Week and have a wild night out on the town, during which Vanessa and Una reconnect. Later, Rochelle makes a life-changing discovery in her hotel room.

  • #HomeSweetSats
    Business is mixed with pleasure during a trip home to London. While Rochelle looks for a place to live, Frankie tries to find a new love interest for Mollie. Also: an injury could keep the entire band from returning to the U.S.

  • #KeepCalmAndSatsOn
    Una is torn between staying in London with her injured husband and going back to Los Angeles with her bandmates, at the same time Frankie gets an unexpected offer from Glamour magazine.

  • #SatsAndTats
    The girls celebrate Halloween. Also: Mollie and Rochelle babysit for Una; and Frankie makes a permanent change.

  • #SatsOnTheRox
    The girls are set to headline a show in the U.S., but then vocal issues threaten the concert, along with some unexpected news from home.
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