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Pushing Daisies

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The Comeback EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • The Comeback
    A reality-TV crew follows Valerie to an audition for a sitcom pilot, but she's dismayed to learn her part is not what it seems.

  • Valerie Triumphs At The Upfronts
    Valerie and the rest of the cast fly to New York for the Upfronts, an annual event in which the networks announce their fall schedules to the media.

  • Valerie Bonds With The Cast
    The first script reading for Room And Bored reveals little to do for Aunt Sassy; and Valerie seeks to bond with the cast over lunch. Later, Valerie offers Juna advice on dealing with fame.

  • Valerie Stands Up For Aunt Sassy
    Jimmy tells Valerie she's barking up the wrong tree when she takes exception to one of Aunt Sassy's lines.

  • Valerie Demands Dignity
    Valerie plans a lunch with a TV GUIDE editor, and the network orders a makeover for her reality show. Meanwhile, Mark complains about the lack of privacy in their domestic life.

  • Valerie Saves The Show
    Valerie tries to lift the cast's spirits after Room And Bored gets off to a slow start; Mickey feels betrayed when he thinks Valerie has been confiding in Juna.

  • Valerie Gets A Very Special Episode
    Valerie plays casting director when a Room And Bored episode focuses on her character's love life; Mark misbehaves at a Hollywood nightclub.

  • Valerie Relaxes In Palm Springs
    Valerie and Mark set out for some much-needed R&R in Palm Springs, where Valerie discovers new value in an old friendship, but Mark gets teed off on the golf course by the reality-TV crew.

  • Valerie Hangs With The Cool Kids
    The network insists that the producers revamp Room And Bored and add two new cast members; Franchesca's friend causes problems on the home front.

  • Valerie Gets A Magazine Cover
    Valerie redecorates her fitness room and takes a crash course in yoga when she lands the cover of Be Yoga magazine.

  • Valerie Stands Out On The Red Carpet
    Valerie sports a different look at a TV awards show.

  • Valerie Shines Under Stress
    The Room And Bored set beefs up security because of a stalker; Jane's connections at the network come in handy in her dealings with Tom and Paulie G.

  • Valerie Does Another Classic Leno
    Valerie's reality-show premiere coincides with her first Tonight Show appearance in many years.
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