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Country Fried Home Videos EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Crash-A-Thon
    A father takes his kids for a spin; a man takes his snowmobile for a swim; skydivers take their living room with them.

  • Homemade Inventions
    How to melt a car; a belly flop contest; jumping a plane with a monster truck.

  • Judgment Calls
    A woman kisses a buffalo; a man kisses a frog; a motorcycle kisses the wall.

  • Felon Follies
    A skydiver chucks a car from an airplane; a groom plucks panties from his bride.

  • Bikini Gun Girls
    A pool full of beer; a bus full of grass; girls with automatic weapons.

  • Cars I Want
    The World's Strongest Redneck bends a tool; a cowgirl uses a pool stick.

  • Nature vs. Man
    A robot dinosaur; girls in a mud hole; snakes on a plain.

  • Moments Of Shame
    The World's Strongest Redneck hammers a nail through wood with his hand and then pulls it out with his teeth.

  • Life Rules
    A guy who squeals like a pig; a lady who bends like a pretzel; a horse who drives like a maniac.
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