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Country Fried Home Videos EpisodesSeason 5    

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  • Episode 501
    Bill Engvall nails down some awesome new videos. A gymnast nails it, a funny car nails it, and a ping-pong player hammers it home.

  • Episode 502
    Bill Engvall cracks open more Country Fried Home Videos. Hail cracks a windshield, an ATV rider cracks his skull, and a raccoon cracks a hole in a wall.

  • Episode 503
    Bill Engvall has some tricks up his sleeve. A trick jump off a vending machine, a hot shot turns some tricks, and a turtle tricks a pigeon.

  • Episode 504
    Bill Engvall presents a very moving episode of Country Fried Home Videos. A guy moves out of the way of a dirt bike, a bull moves a rider off his back, and an outhouse moves at rocket speed.

  • Episode 505
    Bill Engvall has a bangin' new episode of Country Fried Home Videos. A brother bangs heads with his sister, a woman bangs into a wall, and a turtle bangs on a shoe.

  • Episode 506
    Country Fried Home Videos gets cultured. A painter shoots art from a can, high school kids get duct on tape, and we hear the call of Vincent Van Goat.

  • Episode 507
    In this moving episode of Country Fried Home Videos, it's all about love. Girls watch a guy flip for their attention, rats love a cat and a funny car breaks up with its driver.

  • Episode 508
    A barbecue chef creates a bacon explosion, a woman attempts to devour a large amount of hot dogs and a mousetrap munches on a finger.
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