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DescriptionShow Description    

Crime & PunishmentCrime & Punishment  premiered on NBC on June 16, 2001. From the creator and executive producer of the Law & Order franchise, Dick Wolf, and Academy Award-winning documentarian Bill Guttentag comes Crime & Punishment, an hour-long, non-scripted ?drama-mentary? that offers viewers a look at real-life prosecutors as they prepare for and try cases. Edited to have the look and feel of a primetime drama series, Crime & Punishment chronicles actual cases brought to trial by the San Diego District Attorney?s office, giving viewers an eyewitness view into the criminal justice system. The show is produced by Wolf Films, Shape Pictures and Anonymous Content in association with Universal Television Distribution. Guttentag, Wolf and David Kanter are co-creators and executive producers. Peter Jankowski also serves as executive producer.

CastShow Cast    

Deputy District Attorney ...................................... Jill DiCarlo Deputy District Attorney ...................................... Dan Goldstein Deputy District Attorney ...................................... Eugenia Eyherabide

EpisodesShow Episodes    
Season 1 (2001-2002)
13 Episodes In Season 1
  1. People v. Dailey (Original Air Date 6/16/2002)
  2. People v. Jones (Original Air Date 6/23/2002)
  3. People v. Vasquez (Original Air Date 6/30/2002)
  4. People v. Sanabria (Original Air Date 7/7/2002)
  5. People v. Curry (Original Air Date 7/14/2002)
  6. People v. Schierbaum And People v. Villa (Original Air Date 7/21/2002)
  7. People v. Taitano (Original Air Date 7/28/2002)
  8. People v. Garcia (Original Air Date 8/4/2002)
  9. People v. Kayser And People v. Palomino (Original Air Date 8/11/2002)
  10. People v. Wells (Original Air Date 8/18/2002)
  11. People v. Scott And People v. Smith (Original Air Date 8/25/2002)
  12. People v. Mayta (Original Air Date 9/1/2002)
  13. People v. Redondo (Unaired)
Season 2 (2002-2003)
7 Episodes In Season 2
  1. People v. Richard Arnold (Original Air Date 6/1/2003)
  2. People v. Ron Barker/NY Nourn (Original Air Date 6/8/2003)
  3. People v. Clifford Smith (Original Air Date 6/15/2003)
  4. People v. Emile Robershaw (Original Air Date 6/22/2003)
  5. People v. Joseph Villarino (Original Air Date 6/29/2003)
  6. People v. Hugo Alcazar (Original Air Date 7/6/2003)
  7. People v. Delia Contreras (Original Air Date 7/13/2003)
Season 3 (2003-2004)
6 Episodes In Season 3
  1. People v. George Waller Jr. And Lawrence Calhoun (Original Air Date 6/12/2004)
  2. People v. Brenda Cook And People v. Lawrence Marsh (Original Air Date 6/19/2004)
  3. People v. Bernard Cutts (Original Air Date 6/26/2004)
  4. People v. Terry Hall (Original Air Date 7/3/2004)
  5. People v. Mcpherson, Bubeck And People v. Chastang (Original Air Date 7/10/2004)
  6. People v. Tianna Thomas And People v. Charles Mambane (Original Air Date 7/17/2004)
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