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DC's Legends Of TomorrowDC's Legends Of Tomorrow  premiered on CW on January 21, 2016. When heroes alone are not enough... the world needs legends. Time-traveling rogue Rip Hunter assembled a disparate group of both heroes and villains - including Firestorm, Atom, White Canary, Hawkgirl, Captain Cold, and Heatwave - to confront an unstoppable threat. After saving the world, the Legends of Tomorrow now are charged with protecting time - the past, present, and future - itself. This responsibility will take them across history, bringing them up against a threat unlike humanity has ever known.

Rip Hunter
Arthur Darvill
Victor Garber, Franz Drameh
Brandon Routh
White Canary
Caity Lotz
Ciarra Renee
Captain Cold
Wentworth Miller
Dominic Purcell
Season 1 (2015-2016)
(16 Episodes In Season 1)
  1. Pilot, Part 1 (Original Air Date 1/21/2016)
  2. Pilot, Part 2 (Original Air Date 1/28/2016)
  3. Blood Ties (Original Air Date 2/4/2016)
  4. White Knights (Original Air Date 2/11/2016)
  5. Fail-Safe (Original Air Date 2/18/2016)
  6. Star City 2046 (Original Air Date 2/25/2016)
  7. Marooned (Original Air Date 3/3/2016)
  8. Night Of The Hawk (Original Air Date 3/10/2016)
  9. Left Behind (Original Air Date 3/31/2016)
  10. Progeny (Original Air Date 4/7/2016)
  11. The Magnificent Eight (Original Air Date 4/14/2016)
  12. Last Refuge (Original Air Date 4/21/2016)
  13. Leviathan (Original Air Date 4/28/2016)
  14. River Of Time (Original Air Date 5/5/2016)
  15. Destiny (Original Air Date 5/12/2016)
  16. Legendary (Original Air Date 5/19/2016)
Season 2 (2016-2017)
(? Episodes In Season 2)
  1. Out Of Time (Original Air Date 10/13/2016)
  2. The Justice Society Of America (Original Air Date 10/20/2016)
  3. Shogun (Original Air Date 10/27/2016)
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