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World's Deadliest TownsWorld's Deadliest Towns  premiered on ANI on February 21, 2011. There's a thin, tenuous line between primal nature and civilization, and in some far ends of the Earth, that line is nearly transparent. In this riveting, danger-loaded series, Animal Planet's large-predator expert Dave Salmoni walks this line to explore the disappearing, delicate balance between the wild and human worlds. In World's Deadliest Towns, Dave explores three transitional danger zones. First to India, where he joins villagers battling elephants that have been driven to a stress point so extreme, they may be turning into man eaters. And, in India's Sundarbans, a dense and unforgiving wilderness, Royal Bengal tigers have added man to their menu, killing a human nearly once a week. In Zambia, water is life, and villagers along the Zambezi River depend on this waterway for all of their needs. But to survive on the Zambezi means you must face the deadliest animal in Africa. In each of these magnificent but deadly places, Dave finds paradise lost as he explores the reasons why man and animal fight each other... to live.

Dave Salmoni
Season 1 (2010-2011)
(3 Episodes In Season 1)
  1. Killer Elephants (Original Air Date 2/21/2011)
  2. Killer Hippos (Original Air Date 2/21/2011)
  3. Killer Tigers (Original Air Date 2/21/2011)
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