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Deliver Me EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Doctors And Mothers
    Meet 3 OB-GYN's: Alane Park, Yvonne Bohn and Allison Hill, busy mothers juggling the pressing demands of their careers while raising young children.

  • Expecting The Unexpected
    A 40-year-old woman coping with the trauma of two miscarriages anxiously awaits the birth of her second daughter; the three partners attend a benefit gala where Allison is an honored speaker.

  • Size Matters
    The high-risk pregnancy of Lizeth, an insulin-dependent diabetic mother carrying twins, is further compromised by her noncompliance with doctor's orders. Dr. Yvonne Bohn sounds a warning that she and her babies are all in potential danger.

  • First Fears
    Allison helps first-time mother Tania preserve her pregnancy when pre-term labor strikes way too soon. And after a series of miscarriages, 28-year old Stacie gets pregnant again but develops gestational diabetes, impacting her chances for a healthy birth.

  • Eleventh Hour
    While battling cervical cancer and the looming threat of a hysterectomy, Terri decides she still wants baby number two. Meanwhile, first-time mom Amanda is diagnosed with cervical incompetence and confined to strict bed-rest.

  • Crash Course
    A woman using birth control becomes pregnant with her third child at age 22; a second-time mom and a nurse at Good Sam struggles to accept the news that her baby isn't growing on schedule.

  • Now Or Never
    A cancer survivor's baby is so big that natural delivery is risky; a woman must decide between inducing pre-term labor or proceeding to Caesarian section; a bleeding scare lands a woman in the hospital, putting her life, and the pregnancy, in jeopardy.
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