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Pushing Daisies

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Deliver Me EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • Out Of Control
    Noi's plans for a natural birth are derailed by an ailment that won't go away until she delivers. Megan, 24, has twins who won't grow unless she abandons her energetic lifestyle. Stephanie finds her fourth pregnancy and life imperiled by severe diabetes.

  • Holding Fast
    Stephanie's diabetes made her pregnancy high-risk with complications. Jennifer fights depression to deliver a second child. Aleli considers having a vaginal birth after c-section. Yvonne talks about undergoing fertility treatments to have another baby.

  • Safe Passage
    Alane advises Susan to stay close to home in the final weeks of her pregnancy, but her husband is dead-set on going off-roading. Gloria prays another miscarriage won't shatter her dream of having one more baby. Sindy's twins may need to deliver early.

  • Bringing It On
    Kristan tried for 6 yeas, but now considers an invasive surgical procedure. Risa's second baby is on the way, but her father has cancer. Elsa, student, tries to juggle school and pregnancy. Allison and Alane are busy as multiple moms go into labor.

  • Fighting Chance
    Pregnant Roxanna lost part of her leg to cancer and is fighting to keep herself and baby healthy. Connie fights to keep her blood pressure down. Mayda battles epilepsy while being the sole parent for her 2 year old. Yvonne is determined to have a second.

  • No Matter What
    Medical complications mount for a breast-cancer survivor; a patient's ovarian cyst requires surgery; a would-be mother makes another attempt to get pregnant.

  • Rhythm Of Life
    Following a third-time mom, a pregnant high-school cheerleader and a woman with a life-threatening heart condition.

  • Don't Look Back
    Following a would-be OB-GYN who oversees her first pregnancy; an expectant mother may need a liver transplant; a mother awaits the birth of her second baby.

  • Best Laid Plans
    A huge tumor needs to be removed during a mother's high-risk delivery; a baby's intestines are found to be developing outside of his body; a woman with four failed pregnancies is hopeful about her fifth attempt.

  • Word To The Wise
    Jasmine's son is born with his intestines outside his body. Erin goes to a sperm-donor to have a second child, but spikes a mysterious fever. Helena has months of treatment to save her unborn son. Yvonne, Allison look go to a residency reunion.
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