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Deliver Me EpisodesSeason 3    

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  • High Hopes
    One mother discovers she's expecting twins, while another petite mother worries whether her baby will be tall like the six-foot, three inch father; meanwhile, Dr. Bohn finds out the sex of her baby.

  • Saying Goodbye
    Nicole is having her second baby boy and he might just arrive on the birthday of her first; Accountant Carmina has been trying to keep track of every detail during her pregnancy, but soon finds out that delivering a baby is a lot more unpredictable.

  • Stitch in Time
    Dr. Hill treats a patient with cervical incompetence; a mother is cleared to leave after nearly 50 days of hospital bed rest.

  • To The Mat
    Facing challenges during child birth. Priscilla wants to avoid a C-section with her 2nd child. Cerise wants to deliver her first baby without medication. Sara's Senegalese husband breaks tradition to be in the delivery room, and Yvonne faces bed rest.

  • In The Cards
    As she nears the delivery of her second child, Russian folksinger Julia breaks into song to help fight the pain of labor. And when Yvonne reaches a critical milestone in her own pregnancy, the fears that have been mounting, surface full force.

  • No Fear
    Heidi dreamed of having three children but after good luck with her first two babies, she experienced a string of devastating losses. Refusing to give up her dream, she's now 33 weeks into her third pregnancy, Doctors Hill, Park and Bohn keep close tabs.

  • The Doctor Delivers
    Karen's pregnancy is the second she'll share on-camera, but this baby show veteran gets a shock when her baby suddenly stops growing and may need to be delivered early. Nurse Debbie and husband Christian are also expecting their second baby.

  • Whatever Works
    With Dr. Bohn on maternity leave, Doctors Hill and Park have their hands full with a busy patient load. 26-year-old Kristie is afraid her incompetent cervix could put her new baby in jeopardy after suffering the loss of her first child, born prematurely.

  • Back On Board
    On her first day back from maternity leave, Dr. Bohn delivers twins that have to go to the NICU after birth due to complications. A 42 yr-old new mom who conceived naturally heads to the hospital to avoid a pre-term delivery caused by high blood pressure.

  • Inside Job
    The cameras go behind the scenes when Robyn, one of the producers of 'Deliver Me', decides to share her own first pregnancy with the viewing audience. While she hopes all will go smoothly, a rare complication puts her pregnancy on the razor's edge.
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