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The Detonators EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Harbor Cranes And Bridge Towers
    It's all about steel towers, as Braden is on site for demolitions of large steel structures standing next to shipping channels that have to be kept clear of blast debris. Everything is going smoothly for the challenging demolition of two harbor cranes in Liverpool, England, but there's a little controversy among blasters taking down two giant two giant bridge towers in Corpus Christi.

  • High-Rises And Hotel
    First, blasters in Glasgow, Scotland are using a computerized detonation system to blast a pair of high-rise towers. Not only are the two buildings extremely tall, they are right across the street from vital structures that can't be touched. Then it's off to the demolition lab for a dry run on bringing down an old hotel in a tricky spot in downtown Birmingham, Alabama.

  • Beach Resort And Industrial Chimney
    Braden joins a blasting crew in Bermuda, where the job is to bring down a massive former resort complex that was built to withstand hurricanes, and turns out to be hiding a dangerous demolition hazard within its walls. Then Paul shows us a towering smokestack in the Netherlands that requires a whole new set of special skills to bring it down safely.

  • Florida Office Tower
    Once the tallest structure in Coral Gables, Florida, the Ponce de Leon office building was constructed out of concrete and steel, two heavy-duty materials that react very differently to explosives. Veteran blasters Jim Redyke and Chester Grace are faced with the challenge of getting both the concrete core and the steel frame to come down together - and in the same direction. But as they'll see, not all blasts go off according to plan.

  • Blasting In Tight Spaces
    First, Paul travels back to Glasgow, Scotland, where explosive engineers are attempting to demolish two high-rise towers that sit less than 25 feet from a major commuter rail line. Next they face an even tighter challenge - the demolition of an old bridge in Pennsylvania that's just a few feet from its multi-million dollar replacement. If either blast goes wrong, commuters will be stranded and residents will be furious.

  • Louisville, KY
    Explosives expert Dr. Paul Worsey focuses on the demolition of a giant office building in Louisville Kentucky.

  • Paper Mills
    The explosives experts give the play-by-play on the demolition of two massive steel paper mills - one in Scotland and the other in Canada - using two totally different methods.

  • Coal Plant
    Braden travels to an island in the Ohio River where Jim Redyke and the Dykon team are tasked with taking down an old coal processing facility.

  • Concrete Monsters
    The blasters get a close look at a pair of the really big demolitions including a giant bottling plant that requires a 2500-man demolition team.

  • Bridge Blast
    Paul follows the challenge faced by Cody Gustafson and DemTech blasters who must bring down a 2500 foot long steel bridge in the middle of terrible winter weather and the ever-present danger of collateral damage to nearby structures.

  • Toronto, OH
    Two smokestacks are slated for demolition.
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