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Dog The Bounty Hunter EpisodesSeason 3    

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  • California, Here Dog Comes
    Dog has been hunting Samu for over three years, but now he has only three days before Samu's bond comes due--when Dog and Beth will have to pay $75,000! Luckily, Dog and the team get a tip that Samu's playing semi-professional football in the San Francisco area, and they head for California. With only hours to go before the bond comes due, Dog swoops down on a construction site where Samu is supposed to be. Will Dog get his man - and save his money?

  • A Helping Hand
    Dog answers two very different calls for help from women. In the first case, he helps Leland protect Maria, who's being threatened by her violent husband. After making sure Maria and her children are safe, Dog keeps his promise to visit a young woman who's dying of cancer and has asked to see Dog as one of her final wishes. As Dog goes to see her, we discover why this is going to be an especially emotional experience for Dog - he's had to deal with the loss of a child.

  • Take Your Daughter To Work Day
    Baby Lyssa, who's just turned 18 and is studying to become a bondsman, gets to do some on-the-job training when she helps Dog hunt for Wayne, who's run out on a bond for second-degree assault. A stakeout at one address proves a waste of time, but the team finally closes in on Wayne and prepares to take him down.

  • In Sickness And In Health
    Dog is sick as a dog, but he still must lead the hunt for a fugitive named James. James' girlfriend tries to cover for him, but Dog surprises James in his bedroom and leads him away in cuffs. On the way to jail, Dog finds out that the reason James missed a court date was to protect his girlfriend from her ex-boyfriend. James also explains that a previous conviction led to legal trouble and ex-con discrimination that left him utterly disheartened. Sympathetic as always, Dog encourages James to persevere.

  • If The Shirt Fits...
    Beth buys Dog a shirt with an embroidered chicken that looks like a dragon, but Dog explains he only wears shirts with pictures of either Jesus or a Harley-Davidson. When it's time to go to work, the team goes after Necia, a fugitive with felony charges pending and a history of failing to appear in court. After the team surrounds Necia's house, she comes out full of excuses about why she missed court. Beth is skeptical about the excuses until Necia's 10-year-old daughter comes out for a tearful goodbye, and Beth realizes that Necia's had a tough life.

  • The Thief Who Stole Christmas
    It's Christmas day, and Dog sets out to nab Raymond, who robs to support his ice habit, and give him a little Christmas gift - shiny new handcuffs. A passerby in Chinatown tells Dog that Raymond's asleep on a park bench, but when the team sneaks up, they find it's not their man. It's not until the next morning that the case is solved - in a very surprising way.

  • Rock-A-Bye Bounty
    Dog and Beth have their hands full when they go after their former housekeeper, Lisa, who's jumped bond. They know this case will be tricky because Lisa knows everyone in the family. But as luck will have it, Beth's nephew, Jason, is visiting from Texas and quickly put to work as the bait. When the team closes in on Lisa's building, she tries to escape over her back balcony, but ultimately surrenders to Beth. It's a bittersweet victory as Dog comforts Lisa while she cries in his arms before

  • Cops And Criminals
    What better way for Dog to start his morning, than at an elementary school Career Day, inspiring a new generation of potential bounty hunters? After giving a rousing speech to an audience of enthusiastic grade-schoolers, Dog catches up with an old friend, Sheriff Tommy Cayetano, to talk business. Dog's got a tough fugitive to catch and Tommy is happy to lend a hand. Mia is no ordinary fugitive--even the FBI wants to talk with her because of her drug world connections. As Dog and the crew are heading out on their first lead, they get a hot tip - Mia's distinctive red car has been spotted, parked in a busy downtown area. After a tense stakeout and a dramatic bust, Dog finds that his work has just begun.

  • Out Of Sight
    Dog knows very little about Peter, but what he does know, he doesn't like! Not only is he currently facing two counts of 2nd degree sexual assault, he's racked up numerous restraining orders over the years, and a week ago he dropped out of sight before missing his court date. Dog knows he has to find him fast because with these charges there is every chance that Peter will dig out from the island for the mainland. The team begins their hunt with just a photograph and his father's address.

  • Cupid In Cuffs
    It's the day before Valentine's Day and love is in the air at Da Kine Bail Bonds - but not for Tapi who has failed to appear in court on theft charges. Dog's plan is to have Leland knock on Tapi's door with a Valentine's gift to draw her out. They arrive at the house, but Tapi no longer lives there. Dog then digs up a phone number for Tapi's girlfriend, calls her and demands to know where he can find Tapi. Minutes later Tapi calls back to find out what's going on and just like that Dog has her phone number. The hunt resumes the next day, Valentine's Day, and in honor of love, Dog calls Tapi and offers to go easy on her if she turns herself in. While they wait, Dog has a jeweler friend come in so that he can buy something for Beth and everyone can feel the love.

  • Bonds Of Love
    Dog and Beth are finally getting married! They've been together for more than ten years but Dog is determined, as he puts it, to "marry his common law wife the Christian way." There are big nuptials planned on the Big Island but before the couple and their family and friends can fly over, there's a lot to be done. First and foremost they have to catch Brice, a Coast Guard yeoman who's fallen on hard times due to drugs. But he's not easy to find, and there is a wedding to plan. So while they wait for leads, canvass his known hangouts and cultivate informants, they mix in dress and tuxedo fittings, marriage licensing and bridal showers.

  • To Love And To Cherish
    Dog, Beth and the posse are off to the Big Island for their wedding. They hope to relax for a few days and take care of final details but it turns out Leland has a fugitive he needs to capture - and despite the limited time, neither Dog nor Beth can resist the opportunity to bring a fugitive to justice. The next morning, on what should be the most joyful day of Dog and Beth's life together, tragedy strikes. Dog learns that his eldest daughter, Barbara, has been killed in a horrific car accident hours earlier. Dog is bereft--family means everything to him. He and Beth talk to their preacher about whether or not to go on with the wedding. So, in the face of death, Dog and Beth decide they must choose life. The day is marked with both sorrow and joy as they celebrate their love and are married, as Dog says, "in front of God and the world."

  • Bustin' With Justin
    Dog and the team must deal with misleading informants, belligerent boaters, and angry drunks when they go after Kimberly, a traffic offender with over 20 violations. And if that isn't enough, Dog has another problem - Duane Lee is sick. So he calls in Justin, a former team member, to help catch Kimberly, but Tim and Leland are worried that Justin isn't a team player.

  • Run Fugitive, Run
    When the team hunts for Steven, a fugitive with a history of domestic abuse, they seek help from his girlfriend, who's been a victim of his abuse. Meanwhile, Beth trains for a 5K race to help raise awareness about domestic abuse, but the boys don't think she'll make it across the finish line.

  • Vegas Or Bust
    Dog is going to be the keynote speaker at the annual Profession Bail Agents convention in Las Vegas, but before he leaves he's got to clear two cases from his docket--Heidi and Stephanie. Heidi is a check forger who's failed to make a court appearance. And Stephanie is one tough cookie - she's a fugitive with a history of car theft, burglary, and drug abuse. A day later in Vegas, Dog gives a rousing speech to the PBUS.

  • Playing Possum
    Tim's got a big problem on his hands. One of his clients, Owen, has failed to appear in court. He's on bond for serious drug charges and now Tim could lose $30,000 if he doesn't catch Owen. With Dog's help he tries to track down the co-signer but they comes up dry. The next step is for the team to start the hunt with the only lead they have, the address of the fugitive's father. What they discover is when they hit Dad's place is not a single house but an entire compound. Although Owen has been spotted earlier in the day, he could be in any one of the half dozen houses. Dog's only hope to catch Owen is to convince the family to help them in their search, and finally a whispered clue leads a secret hide away and a dramatic bust.

  • Rainy Day Woman
    It's been raining for days and the team is going a little stir crazy. Dog however has the cure - a good hunt. Maui has failed to appear on a drug charge and the team has just one lead. She was recently spotted during a bust at a local garage were stolen cars are taken apart to be sold for parts. Dog heads out to the "chop shop" in search of clues but there he hits a wall - of silence. A call to a Maui's boyfriend in jail provides a tip that takes Dog on a race through the parts of Honolulu that tourist rarely see. After tracking her through rundown pool halls, deserted car lots and neglected apartments, they catch a hot address and nab her at the home of a friend. The trail has been a hard one but it did provide the antidote for the team's a bad case of cabin fever.

  • Ticket To Ride
    As Dog likes to say, "it's not the years it's the miles," and this goes for both men and machines. Those long hunts and the rides to jail take a toll not only on Dog but also on his vehicles. So he decides it's time to outfit the Da Kine crew with new SUVs. After a quick visit to their local dealership Duane and Beth emerge behind the wheels of two wicked whips, brand new top-of-the line SUVs. They also leave with a new mission, to break-in the new cars by the end of the day in by giving the fugitive "a smooth ride to a hard place." Their target is Jasmine, a woman whose criminal record includes over 37 arrests for everything from drug promotion to assault. She has disappeared without a trace and Dog will need every trick in his book to track her down.

  • Dog: The Family Speaks
    This special includes exclusive interviews offering a first hand account of the events leading to Dog, Leland and Tim's dramatic arrest stemming from their heroic capture of convicted rapist Andrew Luster in Mexico more than three years ago.

  • Mother Knows Best
    Dog has two fugitives to catch, and he gets help from the unlikeliest sources - the fugitives' mothers. First, Ginger's mother wants to revoke her daughter's bond because 18-year-old Ginger is selling drugs and running wild. Then Brandon's mother decides to revoke his bond because Brandon has a ice habit and mom thinks he'll be safer in jail.

  • Irons In The Fire
    Dog is back hunting in the big city of Denver, but chasing fugitives on the mainland is more dangerous than ever. So Dog decides that the crew should get pepper-ball guns, which have much better range than pepper spray. Then they go after Clyde, a tough guy who proves elusive. But when the team finally discovers that Clyde is hiding in a trailer in the Black Forest, a large woody area southeast of the city, they gear up to move in and nail their target.

  • Rocky Mountain Roundup
    Dog decides to help two of his bondsmen buddies, Dave "Red" Widhelm and "Downtown" Bobby Brown. First up is Red, who has a client named Alvin who failed to appear on a $20,000 bond with charges of drug possession and distribution pending. Dog plans to make the bust by using Lyssa to lure Alvin out of his apartment. Then the team goes after Craig, a client of Bobby's who has failed to appear on traffic offenses worth almost $70,000. They track Craig to his house, but must move quickly because Craig's father is poised to tip him off that the bust is going down.

  • This One's For You
    Dog leads the team on another adrenaline-filled chase in Denver. The fugitive, Robert, has a habit of address-hopping that makes him a difficult target, but Dog refuses to give up and finally tracks Robert down in his latest hideaway. Meanwhile, Beth's beloved father, Pops, is sick and isn't getting any better, and Dog dedicates the hunt to him.

  • Baby Lyssa Steps Up
    The team is still in Colorado, and today Dog starts his day by to giving his kids and crew a sample of their western heritage by taking them horseback riding. This hunt takes Dog back to his old stomping grounds in Denver. He's helping out his childhood friend, Red, who also is a bail bondsman. One of Red's longtime customers, Ana, has failed to appear in court. But she knows everyone in Red's office, so he's afraid she'll be able to elude them. But she doesn't know Dog...yet. They start the hunt by hitting the home address she listed on her application, only to discover it's standing empty. Canvassing the neighbors they learn her house has been vacant for months. But one thing leads to another and after some persistent searching, they catch a break. During the take down Lyssa takes charge, and at the end of the day Dog has a surprising and moving reward for his daughter.

  • Running On Empty
    Dog's time is running out in Colorado. After a month of helping his bail bondsmen friends around Denver, he's got to get his family back home to Hawaii. But Dog wants one more capture before they leave. Friend Bobby Brown has just the jump for him - Michael, a young man who seems to have traded in a once a bright future for the darker side of life. Michael has failed to appear in court for an assault charge. So with little to go on but the address of the fugitive's future father-in-laws, Dog tracks this target through the suburban lanDISCape of Colorado Springs. After locating Michael's mother and gathering information from family and friends, Dog devises a trap to snare Michael. The problem is that he can't be there for it. But the long arm of the Dog will always get his man, and now it is Leland and Duane Lee's turn to stay behind and take care of the family's obligations.

  • Inside Out
    Colorado bondsman Bobby Brown's got trouble and his name is Jackson. Weighing in at over 240lbs and standing six foot tall this bad boy has skipped out on a $10,000 bond. He also has four previous felony arrests to his name, and Bobby needs some help in reeling this big fish in. Dog, who can never say no to a friend in need, agrees to come to the rescue and the hunt is on! Dog kick starts the search and soon the team has both a hot address, and a warning. Jackson's apparently holed-up at his father-in-law's house. Once the crew is in place Dog pounds on the front door. After a long wait the father-in-law appears with a piece of surprising information. Not only is Jackson not at the house but he has found one of the most unique hideouts Dog has encountered in all his years of bounty hunting!

  • Growing Up Is Hard To Do
    With twelve kids of his own Dog knows how hard it is to keep children on the straight and narrow, especially during their turbulent teens. So when his housekeeper Darlene tells Dog that her fifteen year-old granddaughter Shaiann has vanished, the team jumps into action. The case is at first puzzling because Shaiaan is a straight-A student with no history of trouble, but apparently there's a boy involved. Because the search involves a young woman who is not a fugitive Duane feels a feminine touch is needed and puts Beth in charge. As a teen she gave her parents more then their share of stress by disappearing for days on end, and as a bondsman she knows all of the perils that the streets hold for young girls. So with extra passion, the team hits the streets to gather as many leads as possible.
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