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Dog The Bounty Hunter EpisodesSeason 6    

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  • Kid Stuff
    A fugitive from justice is on the lam and it's Dog's job to find him. When they hit the last known address they discover he already has pulled up stakes and left no forwarding address. The posse's one hope is to locate his girlfriend and convince her to help bring him in. Will a tip from some local kids tip the scales in Dog's favor?

  • Easy Does It
    There is a running joke in the posse that every time Bobby Brown asks them for help with a fugitive he always promises them that it's "an easy one," but the hunts end up being epic searches. So it's with a huge grain of salt that they listen to his guarantee that today's hunt will "really be an easy one." Will today finally be the day?

  • Ghost Rider
    Dog believes in safety first, and today's hunt puts this philosophy to the test. The fugitive's problem with anger management increases the dangers of their already risky line of work. Dog warns the crew to be ready for anything as they head out. But an unexpected turn of events proves that even Dog and crew can be surprised.

  • Back In The Hood
    Dog doesn't know it yet, but today's bounty is about to take him on a trip down memory lane and test his investigative chops. With each lead propelling him closer and closer to his childhood haunts, Dog uses old-fashioned detective skills to track his prey. Even examining a suspect's rubbish in a masterful example of "garbology" to uncover a hot lead.

  • One For The Road
    Dog is a big-hearted guy and today he's proving it. He's helping Mary Ellen, his friend and fellow bondsman, on a dangerous night hunt for a fugitive she is now regretting bailing out. He's also giving his nephew Justin a second chance to rejoin the team. And if that isn't enough, Dog's also making a special visit to lift the spirits of a young boy facing numerous medical challenges.

  • Bait And Switch
    Things are seldom what they seem in the world of bounty hunting and it is through this maze of illusions that Dog pursues his prey. When the fugitive's girlfriend offers to help Dog trap this dangerous felon Dog knows that someone is being deceived, the only question is whom?

  • True Identity
    Dog knows that looks can be deceiving and today's hunt makes this point crystal clear. The fugitive is pretty, petite, and trouble. She stands accused of settling an argument with the help of a box cutter. What Dog does not anticipate is how deceptive this femme fatale can truly be!

  • Secrets And Lies
    What do you do when you have a fugitive you not only want to find, but believe can be helped back onto the straight and narrow? If you're Mary Ellen you call you good friend Dog. He not only has the ruthless tenacity to hunt down the most elusive of prey, but also the generousness of heart to offer hope to the most desperate.

  • Match Point
    The day starts with Duane Lee and Leland facing off in the kind of court rarely associated with the Chapmans... a tennis court. At stake, as always, are bragging rights for which son can claim the title of "Chapman Champ." But before a winner is declared duty calls and they are off on a hunt with Dog. The team chases a fugitive who has disappeared into a world of "no known" addresses. If they catch her she will be facing off with an opponent in very different kind of court.

  • Menehune Mischief
    When Beth returns to the compound on the Big Island she finds a damaged SUV and two possible culprits - Dog or Justin. Pressed by Beth, Dog offers a third option. The perpetrators are Hawaii's mythical mischief makers--the Menehune! As the team pursues their fugitive over volcanic mountain ranges and into the unmapped wilds of Puna, Dog regales the team with the lore of these magical beings. He also makes a promise: after catching their man he that will reveal the identity of the real mischief maker.

  • Mister Mom
    It's been quite a while since Tim Chapman put down his mace can and bulletproof vest to care for his growing family. When his old friend Dog calls asking for help tracking an elusive felon Tim jumps into action. Can he shake off the cobwebs and man-up for a bust or has he spent too many days being mister mom?

  • Bait & Snitch
    When the local cops put out an APB for a client with a checked past, Dog springs into action. With the aid of the runner's girlfriend the posse heads out to bring him in. Little does the team suspect that before the end of the day Dog will be helping to mend a family torn apart by violence.

  • Scared Straight
    Back in Colorado Dog tracks a fugitive who is on the run from the law for the first time. Reading the file Dog knows the young man's life is at the crossroads. He can either get back on the straight and narrow or careen down the road to wreck and ruin. Will Dog's posse be able to track down this wanna-be-gansta in time to convince him to make the right choice?

  • All My Children, Parts 1 & 2
    For a guy who started life as a free spirited outlaw-biker Dog has certainly turned into a family man. His children touch everything he does today, from searching for the perfect gift for his daughter Cecily's birthday to hunting a fugitive with a surprisingly intimate connection with his estranged son Tucker. Dog ends the day surrounded by family and friends celebrating Cecily's 16th birthday.

  • Welcome To The Jungle, Parts 1 & 2
    Only in Dog's world would a bantam fighting cock, a pregnant daughter, and a jungle safe house go together. And don't forget the mopeds as well a group of hostile squatters on government land! They're all part of the hunt for an elusive and clever criminal that takes Dog through the parts of Hawaii that tourists never get to see.

  • Bounty Baby, Parts 1 & 2
    What's a father to do? When the cops ask Dog for help tracking down a renegade teen with a history of running hard, Baby Lyssa, eight months pregnant and counting, insists on joins the hunt. Can Dog keep his daughter safe and catch his man in time for Lyssa to make it to the hospital, or will this baby be born on the bounty?

  • Rain Check, Parts 1 & 2
    For Dog and Beth it's not only another day in paradise, it's their anniversary. Beth is hoping for a romantic dinner with her man, but she knows only too well that for Dog work always comes first. When another bondsman calls needing help tracking down a hardened con recently sprung from the Big House, Dog leads the crew into the wilds of the Big Island in hot pursuit. Will he get his man? Will Beth get her night on the town or add another rain check to her already large collection?

  • Love On The Run
    Today Dog finds himself looking for more than one fugitive. He starts the day looking for a woman who has skipped out on her court date. But he soon learns that since she disappeared she has teamed up with a woman whose criminal exploits have attracted the attention of local media. Word on the street is that they are on the run together. In this case love isn't the answer--in fact, it might be the problem.

  • Jump Start
    A big heart can be a problem for a bail bondsman and today's hunt is a case in point. Dog gave a break to a young man with a drug problem who promised to enter drug rehab. But this commitment to rehabilitation seems to have ended when he bolted from the car on the way to the drug treatment center and went on the run. Now Dog has to track him down. Can he also set him right?
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