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DescriptionShow Description    

DollhouseDollhouse  premiered on FOX on February 13, 2009. Echo is an "Active," a member of a highly illegal and underground group who have had their personalities wiped clean so they can be imprinted with any number of new personas. Confined to a secret facility known as the "Dollhouse," Echo and the other Actives including Sierra and Victor carry out engagements assigned by Adelle, one of the Dollhouse leaders. The engagements cater to the wealthy, powerful and connected, and require the Actives to immerse themselves in all manner of scenarios romantic, criminal, uplifting, dangerous, comical and the occasional "pro bono" good deed. After each scenario, Echo, always under the watchful eye of her handler Boyd, returns to the mysterious Dollhouse where her thoughts, feelings and experiences are erased by Topher, the Dollhouse's genius programmer. Echo enters the next scenario with no memory of before. Or does she? As the series progresses, FBI Agent Paul Smith pieces together clues that lead him closer to the Dollhouse, while Echo stops forgetting, her memories begin to return and she slowly pieces together her mysterious past. Dollhouse revolves around Echo's blossoming self-awareness and her desire to discover her true identity. But with each new engagement, comes a new memory and increased danger inside and outside the Dollhouse.

StatusShow Status    

Canceled/ended after 2 seasons; ended on 1/22/2010

Eliza Dushku
Paul Smith
Tahmoh Penikett
Topher Brink
Fran Kranz
Adelle DeWitt
Olivia Williams
Boyd Langton
Harry Lennix
Dichen Lachman
Enver Gjokaj
Season 1 (2008-2009)
(12 Episodes In Season 1)
  1. Ghost (Original Air Date 2/13/2009)
  2. The Target (Original Air Date 2/20/2009)
  3. Stage Fright (Original Air Date 2/27/2009)
  4. Gray Hour (Original Air Date 3/6/2009)
  5. True Believer (Original Air Date 3/13/2009)
  6. Man On The Street (Original Air Date 3/20/2009)
  7. Echoes (Original Air Date 3/27/2009)
  8. Needs (Original Air Date 4/3/2009)
  9. Spy In The House Of Love (Original Air Date 4/10/2009)
  10. Haunted (Original Air Date 4/24/2009)
  11. Briar Rose (Original Air Date 5/1/2009)
  12. Omega (Original Air Date 5/8/2009)
Season 2 (2009-2010)
(13 Episodes In Season 2)
  1. Vows (Original Air Date 9/25/2009)
  2. Instinct (Original Air Date 10/2/2009)
  3. Belle Chose (Original Air Date 10/9/2009)
  4. Belonging (Original Air Date 10/23/2009)
  5. The Public Eye, Part 1 (Original Air Date 12/4/2009)
  6. The Left Hand, Part 2 (Original Air Date 12/4/2009)
  7. Meet Jane Doe (Original Air Date 12/11/2009)
  8. A Love Supreme (Original Air Date 12/11/2009)
  9. Stop-Loss (Original Air Date 12/18/2009)
  10. The Attic (Original Air Date 12/18/2009)
  11. Getting Closer (Original Air Date 1/8/2010)
  12. The Hollow Men (Original Air Date 1/15/2010)
  13. Epitaph 2: The Return (Original Air Date 1/29/2010)
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