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Extreme Makeover: Home Edition EpisodesSeason 8    

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  • Boys Hope, Parts 1 & 2
    Boys Hope/Girls Hope in Baltimore, Maryland, invites students from difficult, at-risk backgrounds to live in a home that provides a safe environment, academic tutoring, mentoring and opportunities to give back to the community. Since 1991, 100% of the participants who completed the program have attended college. For now, there is only a home for the boys, giving them a secure place to live and excel academically and athletically. But the girls' program, which just accepted its first seven members, does not have a building. The Boys Hope male scholars reached out for help to the "EM: HE" team to provide a place for the girls in their community that would offer them the same educational and emotional support that they enjoy. Their hope is that this new home away from home will change the lives of these young girls, as well as for future generations of promising young women. The seven-day build was challenged by some of the worst weather the show has faced. After installing the insulation, electrical wiring and drywall, it was all destroyed by a massive storm, putting the home in serious jeopardy. The kids from "Modern Family," as well as actress Raven-Symon???, arrived as reinforcements, and they provided lots of laughs along the way. Also, celebrity volunteer Shaquille O'Neal added an awesome yet educational touch to the new Girls Hope building. The seven young ladies from Girls Hope went on a star-studded vacation to Hollywood, where they met Katy Perry, their favorite pop superstar. They got a real taste of glitz and glam when they watched Katy at work in the recording studio at Hollywood landmark Capitol Records. Katy, along with new "EM: HE" team member Xzibit, designed a special room at Girls Hope inspired by Katy's music video, "California Girls."

  • Lutz Family
    Grace and John Lutz were a loving couple who were unable to have children of their own. They gave their hearts to many children, including several with Down Syndrome. After the couple passed away, their daughter, Kathleen, gave up her career and gladly came home to take care of six Down siblings who currently range in age from 20 to 25 years old. Everyone agreed that putting the kids in a group home or institution was not an option. Kathleen's brother, John Jr., willingly sacrificed his successful career as a gymnastics coach to move home, and the two of them are now a team who care for their siblings. Nothing can dampen the spirits of this cheerful group. They love to sing and dance, cook and play games together. But the crumbling condition of their 40-year-old home has become a concern. The Down siblings will not grow up and move away, they will not marry or drive cars; they need their home to be a safe permanent one, with everything to accommodate their special needs.

  • Johnson Family
    Eric and Elaine Johnson - along with their five flamboyant and fashion-loving daughters who range in age from 5 to 14 years - were just having a fun time at a local Houston comedy club. Then design team leader Ty Pennington came out, inviting the unsuspecting family to join him onstage, and told them that they would be the latest recipients of a home makeover. Later on, the excitement continued to build as the red carpet was rolled out and all of the volunteers, builders and celebrity volunteers came to the Johnson family home for a comedy roast. The Johnsons had planned to transform their run-down house, but the one-two punch of 2008's Hurricane Ike and the economic downturn put that dream on hold. Both Eric and Elaine have dedicated their lives to rescuing family life and marriage. As Eric observed the African American community being overpowered by a seeming epidemic of family disintegration, he became passionate about African American fathers stepping up to play a larger role in their children's lives. The Johnsons began a marriage and family counseling non-profit called Optimum Lifestyle, with the goal of strengthening marriages in fun, creative ways. Their couples' seminars have possibly saved 1500 marriages and kept countless kids from growing up in single-parent homes. Eric and Elaine continued their mission while living in their dangerously dilapidated house. Now the "EM: HE" design team can help make their home safe and sound - and most importantly - match the delight and happiness that lives within it.

  • Arboleda Family
    Eight years ago, Rhex Arboleda came to this country from the Philippines in pursuit of the American dream. The "EM:HE" team paired up with "Dancing with the Stars" to give Rhex that and more when he answered the most extraordinary wake-up call of his life. Brimming with excitement, Rhex, a hometown hero, his wife, Claire, and their five children -- CJ, Clarenx, Calix, Cullen and Rhex -- emerged from their home to find their favorite designers and dancers ready to literally bring down the house. "Dancing with the Stars" professional dancers Derek Hough, Mark Ballas, Tony Dovolani, Chelsie Hightower were on hand to lend their support and dance their way through one of the most toe-tapping demolitions of all time. But the fun didn't stop there??? the family also teamed up with newest designer Xzibit to take Rhex's extraordinary teaching techniques mobile. Rhex has distinguished himself by locally leading the movement to banish the childhood obesity epidemic. In 2004 he created "Move to the Groove," a dance program designed to get both teachers and students on their feet and in shape. His award-winning dance program is currently being used in three elementary schools where health and wellness are a priority. Ironically Rhex's own health and wellness and that of his family are compromised by the state of the 70-year-old home they live in. But despite their living conditions, they have a real appreciation for the country that has provided them a better way of life and a means to share in opportunity. Rhex has committed his life to teaching. Like their dad, the Arboleda children share a love of the arts and frequently break into song. With a new house and a new lease on life, this family can turn their hustle into a white tie affair.

  • Urban Family
    Trisha Urban of Hamburg, Pennsylvania suffered a terrible tragedy with the untimely death of her husband. Now she and her one-year-old daughter have an opportunity to turn the page on their past and open a new chapter in their lives in a home built on a foundation of joy, innocence and whimsy. By drawing upon classic fairy tales and rhymes, the "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" design team rebuilt their crumbling, 300-year-old log cabin and farm and transformed it into the dream home that Trisha and her late husband, Andy, had once hoped for. Celebrity volunteer and supermodel Christie Brinkley helped in the build and participated in a fundraiser at an American Heart Association event honoring Trisha's husband. Trisha and Andy met in college while both working an internship at a youth group home. Andy was the youth counselor and Trisha was the cook. It didn't take long for them to realize that they were meant to be together, and they soon married. The young couple were expecting their first child and in the process of turning their five-acre plot of land into their idyllic and beautiful dream home. On February 4, 2009, everything changed. Andy died suddenly of a heart attack while Trisha was in labor. She found Andy, who was born with a congenital heart defect, lying dead in the snow at their front gate. Trisha refuses to let Andy's death be in vain. Since his passing, she has raised thousands of dollars for the American Heart Association. In addition, she has taken on a second job as a hospice nurse, using her real life experience to help families cope during their difficult time. Trisha, Cora and extended family went on vacation to Walt Disney World while "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" team leader Ty Pennington, designers Leigh Anne Tuohy, Paul DiMeo and Tracy Hutson, local builder Berks County Home Builders Association, and community volunteers rebuilt the home.

  • Oregon School For The Deaf
    The students at Oregon School for the Deaf (OSD) in Salem, Oregon, are well known for their spine tingling annual Halloween haunted house fundraiser -- dubbed the 'Nightmare Factory.' The event, held in the basement of the boys' dormitory, goes a long way toward generating much-needed income for the 140-year-old financially-strapped school, a place which students consider their second home. But the 12,000 square foot basement where the Nightmare Factory is usually held has become frightfully unsafe. When team leader Ty Pennington, designers Michael Moloney, Paige Hemmis and John Littlefield arrived at OSD, they warned the crowd that their week with them might get a little scary. But the students, along with their parents and OSD staff, didn't seem to mind and happily greeted their arrival with the American Sign Language motion for applause -- raised hands shimmying back and forth. Assistance to put together the extreme haunted house came in many ways, including famed horror film director/heavy metal musician Rob Zombie, who arrived to the site in a ghoulishly made up vehicle. The blue shirt-clad volunteers dressed up as zombies and even the design team got into the Halloween spirit by dressing up like Frankenstein characters. During the build, The Starkey Hearing Foundation sponsored over 100 students and parents on a trip to their facility in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, where students were surprised to see Award-winning actress Marlee Matlin, who spent some time with them.

  • Marshall-Spreier Family
    When the 2,000 square foot home of a single mother of nine caught fire in Pocatello, Idaho, breast cancer survivor Jane Marshall and her children were awakened by Betsy, the family dog. Thanks to Betsy, everyone was able to get out safely. To celebrate the Marshall-Spreier family's enduring human spirit in the face of difficulty, Ty and the "EM:HE" design team not only built them a new house in just seven days, but also found ways for some of Betsy's dog brethren to get involved in the transformation of this music-loving family's home. While designer Paul DiMeo played piano with a full symphony orchestra, team leader Ty Pennington orchestrated ten dogs to bring down the family's devastated house, including Molly, a dog who actually operated an excavator! When pop star Kylie Minogue learned that she could also be a part in making the family's luck change, she was happy to do her part and performed a concert at the family's new home. Kylie had surgery five years ago for early-stage breast cancer and, as with Jane, the surgery was declared a success. The Marshall-Spreiers and Betsy went on vacation to Key West, Florida, where Betsy went swimming for the first time and got some dog-gone right pampering of her own. Meanwhile, "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" team leader Ty Pennington, designers Jillian Harris, Paul DiMeo and Ed Sanders, local builder Rockwell Development and community volunteers rebuilt the structure.

  • Lighthouse School/Sweatt Family
    The Lighthouse School and the Sweatt family are touchstones in the way that they inspire the community by lending a hand. They've provided shelter, food, water, clothing, counseling and myriad social and financial services. Many families had no place to turn to and no idea of what steps to take until the Sweatts offered them some guidance. Lighthouse has lived up to its name and become a beacon of hope to a shattered community, but now it could use some support too. Eight of their 18 buildings were damaged beyond repair in the storms, and their preschool was completely demolished. Their finances nearly depleted, they don't have the resources to hire skilled labor to rebuild the school. Lighthouse has been developing young minds for more than 30 years, but now they're faced with the brutal possibility of having to shut down the school. Some of country's most celebrated performers, including Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban and LeAnn Rimes, descend on the Sweatts and the school that has touched the hearts of thousands. For the "Music City Makeover," the family will find out how "Sweatt" life really is when they rediscover all that Nashville has to offer with the "Ultimate Extreme Staycation!" "Extreme Makeover's" newest designer, Leigh Anne Tuohy, joins team leader Ty Pennington and designers Paul DiMeo and Tracy Hutson to cram for one of the biggest builds this season.

  • Anderson Family
    Andre and Jasmine have dedicated their time to supporting and counseling the disabled, connecting them with resources and developing support groups to help them live and lead more independent lives. The Andersons are fully committed to their community, all while pursuing graduate degrees and raising their two sons, Jaison, 13 (who is hearing impaired) and seven-year-old Jahzion. Every day the family face challenges in their cramped and structurally dangerous two-story home, which was so crowded, it was hard to make room for Andre's guide dog. Ty and the team called in some big guns to get the build off the ground with the loudest demolition ever -- because Andre and Jasmine could not see the demolition, the "EM: HE" team made sure they could hear it. With the help of some special friends, including musical powerhouse John Legend, the Cleveland Browns and the Cleveland Cavaliers, this build goes futuristic with never before seen assistive technology. The Andersons will have some real changes in store when Ty Pennington, designers Michael Moloney, Tracy Hutson and Xzibit take seven days to deliver a house that will improve their lives with the simple touch of a button.

  • Gaston Family
    Finis, 28, was raised by a single mother in a poor neighborhood who also took care of his young niece, Jasqulon Gaston, and nephews Tyshun and Tyvun Morris. When Finis was 16, the straight A-student and sports enthusiast tried out for the Baker School cheerleading team. He made school history as the first male cheerleader, and his confidence and sense of humor made him a school favorite. His dream to go to college and earn a degree in social work came true when he was discovered by a football scout, who offered Finis a full scholarship to Alabama A&M University. But with just one year left to graduation, Finis' beloved mother unexpectedly died. He didn't hesitate to return home. Family comes first for Finis, and splitting up the children to be sent to foster care was not an option. He volunteers as a cheerleading and gymnastics coach and supports his family by serving lunch at the local school that he attended. Finis had put his dreams on hold to take care of his family. Now, the "EM: HE" design team will work to put his life back on track with the ultimate holiday gift -- a new home for him and his family, plus so much more. While the Gastons prepare to depart for their vacation to Disney World, they discover that Mariah has arranged an appropriate holiday send off for them -- in Santa's sleigh. One of Finis' heroes, Olympic gold medalist Dominique Dawes, will surprise the family during their vacation, and together they work on some tumbling exercises. Later on, Finis gets an opportunity to not only meet, but rehearse and perform with Cirque du Soleil.

  • Grommesh Family
    Although Garrett's physical challenges have left him in a wheelchair, he has inspired his parents to take over the management of HOPE Inc. Adair and Bill Grommesh have transformed HOPE Inc. into a year-round program to inspire independence for children with disabilities, making sports accessible to everyone. In an unprecedented event, Ty and the design team head to Miracle Field to help set a Guinness world record by creating the largest logo using people in wheelchairs, and also photographed the image. The 346 participants came together and formed the logo for HOPE Inc. Arlinda Hajdari, 10, befriended Garrett early on despite his disability. The six members of the Hajdari family, who have never had their own home, came from war-torn Kosovo in search of the American dream. Their small two-bedroom apartment does not begin to serve all of their needs. Unbeknownst to the family until the final reveal, the Grommeshes' former house was lifted off its foundation, put on a rig and moved across town to a new location where the Hajdaris will now live. The Grommesh family went on vacation in the Bahamas while "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" team leader Ty Pennington, designers Paul DiMeo, Paige Hemmis and Eduardo Xol, community volunteers and local builders Tyrone M. Leslie and Daryl L. Braham from Heritage Homes Fargo-Moorhead helped to build their new home.

  • Lampe Family
    The nature loving Lampe family's tree service business has been hit hard by a series of unfortunate circumstances and on-the-job injuries, forcing them to slow their pace and turn down work. In spite of it all, Jeff and Shelley Lampe power through each day to keep the family afloat. They converted their garage into a makeshift wrestling gym to train and mentor young people in their community. The Lampe children, ranging in ages from 4 to 17, have outgrown the dilapidated house, and youngest daughter Angela, who has Down syndrome, needs a safe haven and a place to play all her own. It's time for someone to step in and focus on the family's problem-ridden house so that the Lampes can focus on reigniting their sense of adventure. The Lampe family will go on vacation to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida while team leader Ty Pennington, designers Paul DiMeo, Paige Hemmis, Ed Sanders, community volunteers and local builders Elite Homes, Inc. help to build the new home.

  • Simpson Family
    The Simpson family from Savannah, Georgia receive a new home that will be a better living environment their two-year-old son, Zo???, who was born with a life-threatening illness. Zo??? confounded medical experts when he fully recovered, and he continues to grow and thrive. Volunteer participants include celebrity chef Paula Deen and two-time Olympic gold medalist Shaun White.

  • Graham Family
    Despite living in small, deteriorating house, the Graham family from Augusta, Georgia approach life with strength, grace and -- above all - a smile. Now the "EM: HE" design team will build this much loved and admired family a safe, secure home in just seven days. The energetic and enthusiastic Earnie Graham is that rare person who seems to know how to do it all. The loving but strict single mom of two works full time, attends college and still finds time to volunteer and chaperone for the Girl Scouts of the USA. She was so impressed with what the Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia did for her daughter, Tiffany (now 22 years old), that she decided to become more involved. She started working there as a receptionist and has become their much beloved coordinator. Aside from this full time job, Earnie is in college working on her B.S. Degree, and also makes time to volunteer at the Camp Tanglewood Girl Scout Camp. Earnie's 10-year-old son, Timothy, has had to sleep on the couch in the family's living room ever since he grew out of his crib. Timothy's grandfather, Erbest Graham, tried to build the extra room for him, but all work on the room ceased when Erbest was diagnosed with cancer.

  • Brown Family, Parts 1 & 2
    Seventeen-year-old Alex Brown epitomized the All-American girl -- beautiful, smart, vivacious and beloved by everyone who knew her. Tragically her life and her dream of a career in broadcast journalism were cut short in November 2009. Dedicated to making sure no other family suffers such heartbreaking loss, the Browns decided to turn their tragedy into something constructive, and travel to local high schools with Alex's wrecked truck on their flat-bed trailer to remind young people of the dangers of distracted driving. Their goal is simple: They want to save lives. While the EM: HE design team and volunteers replaced this deserving family's rundown double wide trailer with a new home, the Browns went on vacation to New York City. On a side trip to New Jersey, designer Paige Hemmis surprised Katrina by bringing in five of her hometown girlfriends. But the biggest surprise was yet to come when Paige introduced them to teen superstar Justin Bieber. The lucky young ladies got to talk to The Beeb about his upcoming movie, "Never Say Never." The conversation turned serious when Justin told Katrina that he too supports the message about educating youth and adults of the dangers associated with texting and driving. Another bombshell was in store for Katrina when she learned that her parents and friends were invited to Justin's sound check and would be his special guests at that night's concert.

  • Hurston Family
    Joe, a pilot and the tireless founder of Air Mobile Ministries, and his wife, Cindy, a former nurse, have been on a quest to provide clean water to a thirsty world. They have accomplished this by spearheading efforts to install life-giving water purifiers in disaster ravaged and often dangerous areas around the globe. Joe and Cindy had been passionate about helping Haiti years before the devastating 2010 earthquake. They adopted two orphans from the country, Dieunika (now four years old), when she was two years old, and Juliet (now 16 years), who was adopted when she was three years old. Twelve-year-old Peter, who shares his father's passion for flying, has participated in missions to deliver water purifiers. While this aviation-loving family enjoyed a well-deserved vacation to San Diego, the design team installed a 21-foot section of a fuselage taken from a retired jet airliner and turned it into a divider between the kitchen and living room. Meanwhile, volunteers from Air Mobile Ministries delivered water purifiers to Haiti as well as Egypt, Zanzibar, Kenya and Uganda. During a video check-in, the Hurstons received a grateful thank you from some of the men, women and children who received the clean water.

  • Zeigler/Hansen Family
    The "Extreme Team" called in some of the couple's closest friends to deliver the ultimate wedding. With the help of dress designer Monique Lhuillier, Duff Goldman from "Ace of Cakes" and entertainer Terry Fator, Patrick and Jessica will finally be able to take that magical walk down the aisle. But before they do, they'll make a quick vacation stop in Las Vegas for their bachelor/bachelorette parties. Comedian Dane Cook and 2010 CNN Hero Dan Wallrath also appear in this episode to help pay tribute to the families at Fort Hood, followed by a very special announcement. Team leader Ty Pennington, designers Leigh Anne Tuohy, Paul DiMeo and Xzibit and local builders Tilson Homes, Texas Association of Builders and Temple - Inland are also on hand to deliver a home that dreams are made of, paving a new path for Patrick and Jessica's future together.

  • Hall Family
    The Hall family are a true slice of Americana. Prior to the accident, Carl had been a three-sport high school athlete who'd gone on to become an All American college baseball player. His four children embraced his love of sports, and to them he was both coach and cheerleader. Now, with the help of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition," the Halls will get back in the game and, to their surprise, will even see dad deliver his first pitch since his accident. More importantly Carl will get to come home, where he will finally turn a new page and chapter in life, one promising a brighter, healthier more independent future. While on vacation in Orlando, the Hall Family visited Walt Disney World and the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, where some of their wildest dreams came true. It's an Extreme Spring Training event when Carl and his family join in on batting practice with the Atlanta Braves. But the fun doesn't end there; the Halls will also get to meet MLB superstar and New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter. And when the family goes home, the surprises keep coming, as Carl returns to his alma mater, Wichita State University, for a Hall of Fame ceremony.

  • Hill Family
    A woman who has raised over 35 foster children, two biological children and six adopted girls, in addition to working to feed and clothe the homeless, has a new home built for her family by Ty and his team, who also organize a food drive to help her.

  • Dickinson Family
    With Bill Dickinson a half a world away, India has had to become totally self-reliant, and in fact has become a resource to others who are easing into the transition of having a deployed spouse. Meanwhile, despite Bill and India's best efforts to manage the needed repairs to their home, it continues to deteriorate. But soon a hundred of Bill's Leatherneck brothers will put on a shock and awe demonstration that takes even Paul DiMeo by surprise. And what better way to get things started than to have India surprise Bill via satellite, delivering the news herself that the family's luck is about to change? With the family off to Disney World during construction, Bill is able to satellite-message a surprise of his own.

  • Prewitt-Brewer Family
    For the past 25 years, Carrie has been more than just a high school varsity volleyball coach; she has become a beloved member of her community by serving as a mentor, counselor, confidante and sometimes a second mom to some of her students. Two years ago, that mothering role became real when the parents of Ashley, Taylor and Gina Brewer passed away and there was the possibility that the girls might have to split up. Without hesitation, Carrie agreed to take into her home not just volleyball player Ashley, but also her two younger sisters. Carrie offered them all a secure home life, and is now their permanent guardian. But her small, run-down house does not properly accommodate them, and its crumbling walls make it unsafe, especially during hurricane season. The old house is taken down with the one tool that Carrie Prewitt knows how to wield better than any other -- the volleyball. Volleyball players spike balls through windows, and a cannon shoots frozen volleyballs at 600 mph throughout the house. Just before demolition, some of the design team get surprise help from none other than their own moms: Michael is stunned and Jillian gets teary-eyed when Ty reveals that both of their moms have come to help out for the week. While the Prewitt Brewers are on vacation in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Misty May surprises Carrie Prewitt's current volleyball team by stepping in as coach for a day. Along with Michael, they take over a practice at the high school.

  • Sharrock Family
    Patrick and his parents, Cindy and Michael, were flown to Hollywood so that he could meet his own personal hero, the young actor Atticus Shaffer from the hit ABC comedy series, "The Middle." Like Patrick, Atticus also has a form of brittle bone disease. Patrick once expressed his admiration and pride for Atticus and how he's been able to do so much with his life. Atticus and the cast of "The Middle" were thrilled to have the Sharrocks visit their set, and provided them with surprises and memories that will last a lifetime. When the "EM: HE" design team learned that Patrick has a love for comic book superheroes, they sent the family off on their Walt Disney World vacation in superhero style -- in a limo painted with the family's own superhero logo. Then the designers tapped into their own super design powers to tear down the Sharrocks' home: Xzibit blows up walls with his mind, and with help from a high-speed camera, Leigh Anne shows off her superhero strength. When Ty found out that one of Patrick's goals is to inform others that being a kid with a disability still makes him a regular kid, he decided to help him shoot a PSA to get out that message.
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