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Final Justice With Erin BrockovichFinal Justice With Erin Brockovich  premiered on LIF on January 17, 2002. It takes only one person to make a difference in the world. One woman's actions can put a criminal behind bars, propose groundbreaking legislation or raise public awareness of a wrong in society. This series features true stories of ordinary women who fought back against the system and won justice not only for themselves but for others as well.


Host .......................................................... Erin Brockovich

Season 1 (2002-2003)
16 Episodes In Season 1
  1. Susan Wilson/Carol Sievers/Autumn Skeen (Original Air Date 1/17/2002)
  2. Debbie Boyle/Rhea Harvey/Jane Alexander (Original Air Date 1/24/2002)
  3. DNA Evidence/Retrial/Food Trial (Original Air Date 1/31/2002)
  4. Murdered Mrs. Smiths/Rape Statute/Father's Fury (Original Air Date 2/7/2003)
  5. Environmental Activist/Undercover Mother/Deadly Friendship (Original Air Date 2/28/2003)
  6. Rapist Parole/Internet Predators/Murderer Identification (Original Air Date 3/7/2003)
  7. Sister's Promise/Garment Workers/Jealous Murderer (Original Air Date 3/14/2003)
  8. DNA Evidence/Identity Theft/Fraud Disclosure (Original Air Date 3/21/2003)
  9. Biloxi Blues/Laker Cap ID (Original Air Date 3/28/2003)
  10. Killer Rabbi/Tourist Trap/Date Rape Drug (Original Air Date (Original Air Date 5/16/2003)
  11. Preacher's Wife/Billboard Confession/Lost Necklace (Original Air Date 5/23/2003)
  12. Touchy Teacher/Customs Whistleblower/Without A Body (Original Air Date 5/30/2003)
  13. Make-Up Mom/Softball Stalker/Gary Gets Out (Original Air Date 6/6/2003)
  14. Environmental Activist/Undercover Mother/Deadly Friendship (Original Air Date 6/13/2003)
  15. Finding The Killer/Croatia Rescue/Gun Control (Original Air Date 6/20/2003)
  16. Escape Hatch/Sweetheart Scam/Next Of Kin (Original Air Date 6/27/2003)
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