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DescriptionShow Description    

Flavor Of LoveFlavor Of Love  premiered on VH1 on January 1, 2006. The entire show will be focused on truth: no lies, no fakery. Flavor Flav is hoping to find real girls who really want to love Flavor Flav. Every challenge Flavor poses, from running a soul food restaurant to competing in a hip hop dance off, will be engineered to weed out the gold diggers, fame chasers, fakes and chicken heads. Whether it's meeting Flavor's celebrity friends from the world of hip hop or accompanying him on a trip to some exotic local, these girls will constantly be put to the test. In the end, Flavor will pick his favorite girl and present her with a shiny new gold grill. And hopefully she won't be a lying gold digger.

Flavor Flav

Season 1 (2005-2006)
(10 Episodes In Season 1)
  1. Fifteen Beds And A Bucket Of Puke (Original Air Date 1/1/2006)
  2. Rub A Dub Flav (Original Air Date 1/8/2006)
  3. A Friend Of Flav's Is A Friend Of Mine (Original Air Date 1/15/2006)
  4. The Flavor Of Chicken (Original Air Date 1/22/2006)
  5. What Happens In Flavor Stays In Flavor (Original Air Date 1/29/2006)
  6. Intterogitted(Original Air Date 2/12/2006)
  7. Flav's Trippin' (Original Air Date 2/19/2006)
  8. Family Flavors (Original Air Date 2/26/2006)
  9. For Flav's Consideration (Original Air Date 3/5/2006)
  10. Flavor Of Decision (Original Air Date 3/12/2006)
Season 2 (2006-2007)
(11 Episodes In Season 2)
  1. Sumthin's Stinkin' In The House Of Flav (Original Air Date 8/6/2006)
  2. Flav Is Blind (Original Air Date 8/13/2006)
  3. She Works Hard For Her Honey (Original Air Date 8/20/2006)
  4. Jelly On The Telly (Original Air Date 8/27/2006)
  5. Famous Friends And Strangeness (Original Air Date 9/3/2006)
  6. Photo Shoot To The Death (Original Air Date 9/10/2006)
  7. Boxin' Each Other Out (Original Air Date 9/17/2006)
  8. Steppin' Out Flav Style (Original Air Date 9/24/2006)
  9. Family Flavors (Original Air Date 10/1/2006)
  10. Oh No She Didn't! (Original Air Date 10/8/2006)
  11. Belize In Love (Original Air Date 10/15/2006)
Season 3 (2007-2008)
(15 Episodes In Season 3)
  1. In Flav We Trust (Original Air Date 2/11/2008)
  2. Pimp My Gurney (Original Air Date 2/11/2008)
  3. Reindeer Games (Original Air Date 2/25/2008)
  4. Things That Go Bump On The Lip (Original Air Date 3/3/2008)
  5. The Lyin', The Witch, & The Wardrobe Malfunction (Original Air Date 3/10/2008)
  6. Dial "M" For Mystery Pimp Caller (Original Air Date 3/17/2008)
  7. Halitosis Ohmyosis (Original Air Date 3/24/2008)
  8. A Night At The Hip-Hopera (Original Air Date 3/31/2008)
  9. 'Til Death Do Us Part (Original Air Date 4/7/2008)
  10. The Neverwed Game (Original Air Date 4/14/2008)
  11. When Flavorettes Attack (Original Air Date 4/21/2008)
  12. It's A Family Flav-Fair (Original Air Date 4/28/2008)
  13. Von Boyage! (Original Air Date 5/5/2008)
  14. Clip Show (Original Air Date 5/12/2008)
  15. Finale (Original Air Date 5/12/2008)
Episode Downloads    

  • Flavor Of Love: The Complete First Season
  • Flavor Of Love: The Complete Second Season
  • Flavor Of Love: The Complete Third Season
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