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Friends With BenefitsFriends With Benefits  premiered on NBC on August 5, 2011. Dating is difficult. In fact, many times it's so uncomfortable that you have to look for creative ways to unwind after an unsuccessful night out. Ben, Sara, Hoon, Aaron and Riley are a group of close friends who do just that. After a bad date, they turn to each other for moral (and sometimes physical) support. Hey, what are friends for? Set in Chicago, this comedy offers an honest look at the complexity of finding "the one," and the things one must do to survive along the way.

Ben Weymouth
Ryan Hansen
Sara Maxwell
Danneel Ackles
Zach Cregger
Andre Holland
Jessica Lucas
Season 1 (2010-2011)
(13 Episodes In Season 1)
  1. Pilot (Original Air Date 8/5/2011)
  2. The Benefit Of The Mute Button (Original Air Date 8/5/2011)
  3. The Benefit Of The Unspoken Dynamic (Original Air Date 8/12/2011)
  4. The Benefit Of Forgetting (Original Air Date 8/12/2011)
  5. The Benefit Of The Right Track (Original Air Date 8/19/2011)
  6. The Benefit Of Keeping Your Ego In Check (Original Air Date 8/19/2011)
  7. The Benefit Of Mardi Gras (Original Air Date 8/26/2011)
  8. The Benefit Of Mentors (Original Air Date 8/26/2011)
  9. The Benefit Of Being Shallow (Original Air Date 9/2/2011)
  10. The Benefit Of Avoiding The Mindbanger (Original Air Date 9/2/2011)
  11. The Benefit Of Putting In The Work (Original Air Date 9/9/2011)
  12. The Benefit Of Friends (Original Air Date 9/9/2011)
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