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The Fugitive (2000)The Fugitive (2000) premiered on CBS on October 6, 2000. Last seen escaping fiery locomotives, leaping from waterfalls and battling a one-armed man atop a Chicago high-rise, The Fugitive is back. Updating the classic 1960s series with the thrills and high-tech style of the Oscar???-nominated smash movie, this series brings back to television the now-classic tale of Dr. Richard Kimble, an innocent man accused of murdering his wife. Adrift in a sea of strangers, Kimble is searching for the one-armed man who actually committed the crime and while eluding capture by Lt. Philip Gerard, who's always hot on his trail. From week to week, Kimble touches the many lives that his flight intersects as he travels from city to city and coast to coast in his quest for justice. These encounters are ended as suddenly as they began when the good doctor is forced to hop the next train out of town.


Dr. Richard Kimble ........................................... Tim Daly Lt. Philip Gerard ............................................ Mykelti Williamson

Season 1 (2000-2001)
22 Episodes In Season 1
  1. Pilot (Original Air Date 10/6/2000)
  2. The Hands Of A Stranger (Original Air Date 10/13/2000)
  3. Guilt (Original Air Date 10/20/2000)
  4. Far From Home (Original Air Date 10/27/2000)
  5. Dr.RichardKimble.com (Original Air Date 11/3/2000)
  6. Miles To Go (Original Air Date 11/10/2000)
  7. St. Christopher's Prayer (Original Air Date 11/17/2000)
  8. Sanctuary (Original Air Date 11/24/2000)
  9. Liar's Poker (Original Air Date 12/8/2000)
  10. Lagniappe (Original Air Date 1/5/2001)
  11. New Orleans Saints (Original Air Date 1/12/2001)
  12. Safekeeping (Original Air Date 1/26/2001)
  13. And In That Darkness (Original Air Date 2/2/2001)
  14. Past Perfect (Original Air Date 2/9/2001)
  15. Jenny, Part 1 (Original Air Date 2/16/2001)
  16. Strapped, Part 2 (Original Air Date 2/23/2001)
  17. Sea Change (Original Air Date 3/30/2001)
  18. Tucker's Gift (Original Air Date 4/6/2001)
  19. Flesh And Blood (Original Air Date 4/13/2001)
  20. Smith 282 (Original Air Date 4/20/2001)
  21. Gotterdammerung (Original Air Date 5/25/2001)
  22. Thanatos (Original Air Date 5/25/2001)
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